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The Superbowl Commercial you WON’T see today

Remember this? Here's a reminder; it is not one of the commercials you will see during the Superbowl today – because, you know, no self-respecting football fan would be a someone who appreciates a well made firearm or the concept of defending one's family. Nor would they *gasp* be pro- Second Amendment.

I spoke to Daniel Defense's Jordan Hunter earlier today. As you can imagine, Daniel Defense is still disappointed the ad won't run, but stands firmly behind their original message.

“It’s disappointing that they’re not allowing it. The ad is well within the confines of their rules. We absolutely respect the NFL’s right to establish their own guidelines, and to tell us no if warranted, but the hypocrisy they’re showing here disturbs us. We were well within the rules they established at the beginning of the season, and not just because we’re also a brick and mortar storefront. Ads for violent movies and violent video games are okay, but a Constitutional ad promoting the defense of one’s family – that doesn’t even show a physical weapon or ammunition – is not? Absolutely we’re disappointed in them [the NFL].” Jordan Hunter, Daniel Defense

Here's a flashback to when it was still fresh on everyone's minds.

You can view more DD videos on their YouTube page and of course follow them on Facebook.

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