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TrackingPoint’s “ShotGlass” Digital Shooting Glasses

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The 21st Century provided a ‘modernization package' to some shooters with the advent of the Precision Guided Firearms from TrackingPoint.  That offered not just a new way to engage a target accurately, but also the ability to record the experience and upload video to social media channels. As TrackingPoint describes it, the ability to hit a 1000 yard target is instantly available to even beginner shooters. Now the Austin-based company is carrying their technology a step further with the new dedicated ShotGlass digital shooting glasses. This offers the shooter a chance to wear what appears to be the the first practical and wearable tech for hunting and shooting.

Tracking Point Rifle PGFShotGlass will provide a direct view into the shooting experience provided by the TrackingPoint Precision Guided Firearm with video shooting glasses. Interestingly, they present the potential for shooting around walls or other barriers, allowing for substantially better cover and concealment. The proper use of ShotGlass is intended to leave only the rifle and your support hand exposed. The ShotGlass includes a Wide Screen WQVGA Display, Optical Control Buttons, HD Camera, Speaker, and Microphone integrated into wearable glasses.

Tracking Point Over the HillTrackingPoint Precision Guided Firearms are linked into the ShotGlass via WiFi connection with a High Definition camera and microphone, recording the sights and sounds of the entire experience. You will also have the capability to instantly download all media to a phone or tablet for further transfer to any media platform. Another added tool provided by ShotGlass is the capability to zoom out of view while the TrackingPoint system remains zoomed in, providing increased situational awareness while negotiating your target.

TrackingPoint CEO John Lupher explains,

““The innovative shooting glasses have an aggressive high-tech posture and connect wirelessly to TrackingPoint’s Precision-Guided Firearm’s. ShotGlass can even record the excitement of your voice when you make an astonishing shot on a moving trophy at extreme distance. Wearable tech, designed to enhance the shooting and hunting experience, changes the way you experience the sport. ShotGlass adds an element to hunting and shooting that is beyond belief.”

Tracking Point DistanceTrackingPoint considered many different possibilities for the ShotGlass end-user experience. One unique aspect is the ability or friends and family or a shooting guide to wear the ShotGlass, while the shooter views from the standard Heads Up Display mounted to the rifle.  There is also the capability for a sniper/designated marksman element to collaborate utilizing each tool with the spotter donning the glasses while the sniper puts the shot on target.

The intent of a Precision Guided Firearm is to provide accurate shooting at any level of expertise by utilizing the simple Tag and Shoot system, which does seem to drastically altering the learning curve. At first look it appears ShotGlass will add another level to the experience, and potentially to camouflage, cover and concealment options as well. In such conditions a shooter would theoretically not only be able to partially separate from the rifle, but also to utilize the high tech shooting system provided by TrackingPoint to better leverage the terrain to avoid detection and defeat incoming rounds.

Tracking Point DistanceShotGlass can be purchased on its own for $995 and is now available for pre-order with a March 2015 delivery date. You can also receive the new ShotGlass free with the purchase of a TrackingPoint Precision Guided Firearm (only on orders received before November 30, 2014).

Note that in response to cost and the popular AR platform, TrackingPoint just launched their Precision-Guided Semi-Auto 5.56 . That weapon brings the price point down to “just” $7,495 – quite a price tag for most of us, but still the most affordable firearm currently available with Tag and Shoot. The new AR platform can be used in conjunction with ShotGlass and offers accurate target acquisition at up to 500+ yards against targets moving up to 10 miles per hour. Increased distance can be obtained with their new Semi-Auto 7.62 and 300 WM models reaching up to a half mile against targets moving up to 20 mph. You can take a better look at ShotGlass and the complete line of semi-automatic and bolt action precision guided firearms at

Tracking Point 556

Tracking Point 7.62

Tracking Point 300 WM


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    Hi I`m looking for tracking point shot glass shooting glasses , let me know the price or you can quote me to my email for 500pcs

    please kindly revert as soon as you get the email

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  • Hi I`m looking for tracking point shot glass shooting glasses , let me know the price or you can quote me to my email for 500pcs

    please kindly revert as soon as you get the email

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