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Train with your wheelgun – “Threat Centered Revolver”

Safety Solutions Academy is hosting author and instructor Grant Cunningham‘s revolver-centric class this Summer. In June (13 and 14) Cunningham will be in Cleveland, OH; apparently he'll also be in Muncie, IN June 27 and then in September will be in Detroit, MI. Cunningham runs the Personal Security Institute and is the author of numerous books, including Defensive Revolver Fundamentals; the class is called Threat-Centered Revolver. Whether you carry a wheelgun every day defensively, maintain one to protect hearth and home or just want to learn more about fighting with the venerable sixgun, this might be something for you to check out.

On the subject of revolvers, here's a look at Elmer Keith's personal handgun in action (courtesy of Forgotten Weapons) and a we'll go back in time a bit to watch Bob Munden do some shooting.

(I shouldn't have to make this caveat, but just to be clear – the following videos are for entertainment only. They aren't going to teach you anything about defensive weapon handling and I certainly don't guarantee you'll walk away from Cunningham's class this fast.)

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