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Trijicon VCOG 1-6×24 First Look

RECOIL was the first gun magazine to lay hands on the new VCOG 1-6 scope from Trijicon and we tried it out in its natural environment, bolted to a flat top AR. Bottom line, we think you'll like it. At 1x, the image is as flat and clear as anything we've seen, with no fishbowl effect at the edge of the glass. It has an illuminated first focal plane reticle that is plenty big for hosing, but zooms out of the way as you crank up the magnification so that only the fine center BDC component is visible. The model we examined was calibrated for 300BLK, but 5.56 is an option, natch. Illumination is powered by a AA battery, rather than the typical 2032 coin cell, which should provide plenty of reserve juice.

The VCOG has a built in cat tail lever on the zoom ring for fast magnification changes and a built in mount, which should save the buyer a little cash. You will need all the savings you can get though, as the MSRP of around $2,200 is pretty steep, but in line with other glass of this quality. Although we didn't get the chance to hammer it, (Trijicon wanted it back for its debut at the NRA annual meetings) it seems every bit as durable as the ACOG series and we look forward to beating the snot out of it in a longer term test. You can read about how it stacks up against the competition in the June issue of RECOIL.

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