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Turret Syndrome

Ever Wanted to Drive a Tank? Here’s How…

In Issue 26 we’d mentioned Mike Pappas BMP-1 in our Transport section, and began thinking that many of you out there who can’t afford your own tank would still love to be able to drive one. You’re in luck. We found a few places in this great country of ours that offer such a thing, and thought we’d give you the scoop on each location and what you can expect there. Here’s a look at some places you can rent some tracked armor for a day (among other available attractions) and give your family or employees a chance to do something very cool.

Tank Town USA

Where: Morganton, Georgia

> British FV432
> Excavator tractor

What: Crush cars and or traverse an obstacle course with an FV432. You can also learn to operate an excavator. Drivers must be at least 15 with valid learner’s permit. Passengers must be at least 7 years of age.


Where: Uvalde, Texas

Fleet (vehicles only):
> M4A3E8 Sherman
> Russian T-34/85
> German Half-Track
> German Kettenkrad
> West German Leopard
> British Chieftain
> Abbot FV433
> Czechoslovakian BVP-1

What: More like a living museum. Not only can you drive tanks here, but you can fire live rounds from certain models as well as fire weapons such as machineguns, flamethrowers, mortars, and big guns such as a Howitzer and Pak 40. Car crushing to be added to the packages offered at some point. Minors OK if accompanied by parent. Lodging available on site.

Leo Water CrossingM9 Flame Thrower

Drive A Tank

Where: Kasota, Minnesota

Fleet (vehicles only):
> T-55
> Chieftain
> Mark 5
> Sherman E8
> Abbot
> FV432
> M16 Half-Track
> Humvees
> 5-Ton Trucks
> Ferret

What: Various packages available that include firing machineguns, driving over cars, and even through mobile homes. A Sherman package includes firing custom rubber bullets and simulations of what it was like for the crew of a WWII Sherman to go through and stay alive. No on-site lodging. Eleven-year-old minimum to be on property and minimum 14-years-old and 5-feet tall to drive.

IMG_0908 Double Van Crush_Chieftain

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