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Tyr Tactical’s New Catalog is live

Phoenix-based Tyr Tactical's long-awaited new catalog is now live on the web. In it you'll see some pretty exciting new pieces of kit, including many built with PV (Prima Vires), a laminate of 500-denier Cordura® nylon and 200-denier Kevlar® in an ultra-tight weave to maximize abrasion and tear resistance. In you'll find things ranging from the EPIC Armor System (including what may be the best female-specific armor yet built, pp. 10-11) to the X-Frame “Dynamic Load Carriage System” (which is also a significant advancement in equipment design, p.16). You're also going to want to check out the ONUS Adapter System (on p.58) – it's badass.

Make sure to take a look a the Huron Tactical Clothing and Revere K9 gear lines too.


Says Tyr founder Jason Beck (pictured above),

Each product that is designed here at TYR Tactical™ is developed with the mantra, Innovate or Die™, and you in mind. My passion for your safety has enhanced our design and manufacturing philosophy by creating streamline products that are more ergonomic and dynamic, as well as, significantly lighter. Our products are developed with direct input from some of the most elite warriors in the world. Direct feedback from operators about mission specific load requirements and mobility allow TYR Tactical™ to increase overall comfort, movement and performance. Special Operations training and a physiological approach are incorporated into each design. Our rigorous testing process allows us to continually evolve and provide products for today's needs and threats keeping us in the forefront of the industry….

With Servitude and Gratitude.
Semper Fi,

Jason Beck

For those of you who prefer to read Amish fashion with dead trees, a print version will be coming in just a few weeks.

Find all 174 pages Tyr Tactical tactical goodness right here.

More on all this in coming days.


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