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Up Your Shooting Selfie Game

Taking selfies are you? It's okay — pretty much everyone is doing it, even if they won't admit it. Need better equipment for the range-time shooting of selfies? (Note: we said shooting selfies, not selfie shooting.) Okay then.

A slew of gun-specific professional camera mounts from a company named Modern Technocracy or MT Tactical recently launched on the crowd-funding website Fundable. We've been beating around one of these mounts for a couple months and so can verify that they work well.

Check out the video below:

Up Your Shooting Selfie Game

[Video Transcript Follows]

Hi everyone, I'm Billy Birdzell and welcome to MT Tactical. Modern Technocracy is a company founded by professional athletes who are pioneers in telling their story with action cameras. And in the firearms community, we know that if we don't tell our story, our story will be told for us. And as everyone has seen, our story is so often told wrong. MT Tactical is the first company in the world to make a professional-quality camera mount specifically designed to attach to a modern firearm via a Picatinny rail.

The MT Tactical mounts are the first mounts that I've ever seen which are as good as the gun themselves. This is machined out of 6061 aluminum. This is universal, interchangeable, and totally modular. Just like our modern firearms. And so you can just mix and match, take this part and put it on with that part. Longer, shorter, from a helmet, to a gun, to a flat base on a vehicle… Just like you can switch uppers you can switch lowers, drop triggers in, the MT Tactical system very much mirrors what we do with modern firearms today. It is the only thing like it that has ever been created.

If you want to take advantage of modern technology in a training sense, well then you can set up your MT Tactical mount in a way to film yourself doing very specific parts of firearms fundamentals. And so if you want to make sure you're manipulating your trigger properly, you just set this video camera on the side with the mount and you can watch yourself doing modern technique. Or perhaps you're making a mistake.

MT Tactical also has standalone platforms that consist of a tripod and a second generation monopod. You can use them independently or together in order to capture footage that's just not possible without endangering the cameraman. And if you stick our gun cradle in your pocket, you can leave your heavy shooting sticks at home.

The MT Tactical system is absolutely revolutionary, and unfortunately all that has been done is create it. That s I said, Modern Technocracy is a company founded by professional athletes. This is not a company founded by some huge corporation somewhere and we only had the money to design and make the first samples. So if you own a rifle, pistol, or shotgun that has a Picatinny rail–the onus is on you to be the action. And to participate in our unique crowd funding campaign so we can get these professional-quality mounts in your hands and in the hands of firearm owners all over the world. So that we can capture ourselves doing what we love to do, and share that in an effort to support and defend freedom in our lifetimes as well as for generations to come.



MT_tactical_mounts01 MT_tactical_mounts04

For more pictures, video, and information, visit their Fundable page here.

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