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US Optics TS 1-8x Paired With the Latest Plumb Reticle

The US Optics TS 1-8x is for People, Not Plates

We first got handsy with a scope equipped with a Plumb reticle back in 2017 at our Summit in the Sand event. We describe it as a Dragunov PSO-type arrangement, but one that actually makes sense and works.

For a complete breakdown on the design itself, see RECOIL Issue 35. Initially designed for a 7.62x51mm DMR rifle, the Plumb reticle allows rapid engagement at unknown distances due to the dual-funnel design. Simply place shoulders inside the larger funnel, a head or sideways body inside the smaller funnel, and pull the trigger. Other designs with stadia or BDC lines require the shooter know the target distance before, not on the fly.


There have been some upgrades and changes through the years. First and most importantly, this model is calibrated for the standard NATO 62-grain 5.56mm loading. Most of our readers aren’t limited to a particular load, but while we can all gain some benefit from the design of the reticle, it was exclusively designed with the U.S. Military in mind. Secondly, the reticle has been slimmed and cleaned up to make it less busy at low magnification.

Not just for designated marksmen with heavy calibers anymore, the new and more refined version is intended for all soldiers. To quote Frank Plumb, “How do we get a lance corporal or specialist who has grown up playing Call of Duty to compensate for trajectory and range in a quick and effective manner? The Plumb reticle allows for marksmanship training with higher proficiency in much less time.”

Using the US Optics TS 1-8x with the Plumb is pointy-clicky, but with some caveats. The first one being that it only works at unknown ranges on targets that are human-sized. If you’re shooting at a ¾ silhouette IPSC steel, you’ll overestimate the range. We found after just a couple of range trips we got a feel for different target sizes, and adjustment was natural. But this wasn’t something designed for target practice either.

If your setup deviates from the intended projectile weight and velocity, some ballistic calculations are involved at longer ranges — but probably not as much as you think. Even with some extremely different setups (Mk18 with 55-grain ammo versus M4A1 with M855), the BDC tracked within 5 inches out to 300 yards. Not perfect, but it could work in a pinch (read more about zeroing and BDCs in RECOIL Issue 35).

You need to zero the optic at 100 meters or 109 yards, and all numbers in the reticle are also in meters. If you don’t already think in meters, an easy rule of thumb is to simply add 10 percent to the yard distance.

While it’s an imperfect conversion calculation, within the effective range of 5.56mm on human targets? Negligible.

The Glass
The TS 1-8X is a first focal plane optic, meaning the reticle scales in size in conjunction with magnification. The Plumb reticle would be fairly toothless in a second focal plane arrangement. In lieu of a throw lever, the TS 1-8x has a raised nubbin, which is easy to find with gloved hands, and the adjustments are smooth.

The scope itself is one of the newer consumer-priced offerings from USO, making this version under half the price of the original SR-8S. The world of optics has changed for the better in the last five years since Frank Plumb developed this reticle, which in this case means you’re getting much better glass for the money now. Though the turret design is virtually the same as some budget Vortex offerings, you’ll only be touching them during the zeroing process.

If you’re nonplussed about the current US Optics offering of the Plumb reticle, fear not — there are also licensing agreements for the reticle and variations available now or soon from Steiner, Zero Compromise Optics, and Swampfox. Even though this was designed for quick shooting, ZCO integrated some features in their MPCT3 reticle, which premiered at SHOT Show 2020.

Loose Rounds
We closely followed the development and evolution of this system and are pleasantly surprised with all of the new developments. More optic companies carrying it means purchasers will have more options in terms of usefulness — and we’ll never complain about having options at different price points.

You can still absolutely see the bones of the original reticle, but it's been refined and streamlined for ease of use.

US Optics TS-8x
Magnification: 1-8x
Eye Relief: 3.75 inches
Tube Diameter: 30mm
Illuminated: Yes
Weight: 18 ounces
MSRP: $795

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