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USA 1SHOT – non-NFA butt stock for your handgun

USA 1Shot allows you to more easily hit targets at 100 yards with a handgun — and apparently puts a non-NFA buttstock on that pistol.

What happens when a hog hunter who was dissatisfied with his pistol's accuracy on a hunt and troubled by the excessive number of rounds fired in most police shootings sets out to improve accuracy in pistols?

The answer is usually, “He goes hunting with a rifle and complains on a forum about how police officers cannot shoot as well as he does.”

However, when that hunter has an engineering background and close ties to the military and law enforcement communities, the end result is usually a tool so radically different that it may change the way people look at handguns as a defensive firearm.

So it is with the USA 1Shot. In a matter of seconds, the USA 1Shot allows shooters to fire their handguns more accurately and with more stability without any permanent modifications to the pistol (see videos below).

Butt stocks on handguns?

Butt stocks affixed to handguns are nothing new. Both Colt and Smith & Wesson experimented with revolvers that could be fitted with stocks in the 19th century and the tradition carried on with semiautomatic pistols in the early 20th century where wooden stocks on certain military handguns performed double duty as holsters such as the Browning Hi-Power, Mauser Broomhandle, P-08 Luger and even America's own Colt 1911. You can go even further back if you'd like. There were flintlock pistols with detachable butt stocks in the 18th century (search Johann Jakob Kuchenreuter if you'd like).

However, after the National Firearms Act (NFA) of 1934 turned these pistols with a detachable stock into a restricted item with an onerous tax, their popularity seemed to fade among civilian shooters and later the military as a whole.

Some attempts have been made to bring the concept back to life, but most attempts fall flat by being either too specialized or running into conflicts with the NFA.

USA 1Shot -2

USA 1Shot -4

USA 1Shot -5

USA 1Shot

The USA 1Shot gets its name after numerous military operators and SWAT officers field tested the unit and received results so satisfactory that they claimed they could end a violent scenario with “one shot”.

This dynamic shooting rest is easily the best way to increase the range and accuracy potential of almost any handgun. It requires no conversion to the pistol at all and needs no tools or fitting because it never actually attaches to the firearm.

This negates the issue with the NFA. [Note: this isn't legal advice. The ATF may be the most capricious, unreasonable and inconsistent government bureaucracy there is; plan according. Editor]

The initial design is intended for a few basic firearm designs (Glock 17/22/34/19/23, Beretta M9 and Colt 1911) other models are under consideration and at this time the 1shot will fit other pistols of comparable size such as the CZ75, Browning Hi-Power, Steyr M9 and certain SIG Sauer P-series models. Even diminutive pistols such as the Glock 43 have been tried without any problems.

It is not universal. The first design will force a magazine ejection from the S&W M&P and the Glock 20/21 series are simply too big in the grip area to be used.

USA 1Shot -3

USA 1Shot -6

USA 1Shot -8

No NFA? Are you sure?

The innovative design of the USA 1Shot and the fact that it is not permanently attached to the handgun keeps it from being declared an NFA item.

Our engineer from the opening paragraph and CTO of Accurate Pistol Systems, Robert Gilmer, asked the ATF Technology Branch for a letter to clarify, but the Tech branch stated that since it does not attach to the firearm or impact the design or function of the handgun in a permanent manner it is simply a shooting rest and not covered by the purview of the Tech branch.

“We asked the ATF their opinion and they had none, as it is not a permanent part of the weapon. Every law enforcement agency, military unit and professional shooter or hunter who has seen it thinks it's the greatest improvement to handgun accuracy they have ever seen and all of the feedback has been positive.”

USA 1Shot -7

Made in the USA

Gilmer has set up a facility to produce the USA 1Shot in Reno, Nevada and the device is being used by the Reno Police Department and under consideration by others.

The first model of the USA 1Shot has a palm swell area that fits over the pistol's grip on the left side and uses an AR15 buffer tube with an adjustable shoulder piece.

To use, the shooter inserts the grip of the handgun into the palm swell and holds the pistol and 1shot together while using the sights similar to firing a long gun.

Using iron sights or a mounted red dot scope, the shooter is now capable of pushing the accuracy limits of their handgun to 100 yards and beyond.

Gilmer’s ultimate goal is to allow a handgun to be fired safer and more accurately than it can be done today. Whether it is to take more humane shots at an animal while hunting, a police officer to stop a threat with a single shot or a shooter to ring steel at 150 yards with a Glock 19, the USA1Shot has all those bases covered.

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3 responses to “USA 1SHOT – non-NFA butt stock for your handgun”

  1. Gustov Magnum says:

    Interested in rifle stock that fits a Taurus 5 shot revolver. Just wondering what’s available out in the world wide web. Thank you

  2. Tim Dyer says:

    How much is the buttstock for pistols ?

  3. William R. Buchanan says:

    I have had 2 of the Gen 1 stocks and used them extensively over the last 2.5 years.

    I personally don’t like the looks of the Gen 2 devices but will get one to review all the same.

    My Gen 1 Stocks work perfectly on my G23,35 and 21 SF.

    With Iron sights on the G21SF and G23 I am solid at 100 yards and can make longer shots as well.

    With my G35 with Red Dot attached I have scored 29/40 in Short Range Silhouette. 10 chickens 50M, 9 pigs 100M, 4 turkeys 150M, and 6 Rams at 200M.

    This is with 165 gr .40 S&W reloads!

    “Everyone!!!” who has touched and shouldered this device immediately sees how stable the shooting platform is.

    This Device is NOT NFA period as it is not attached to the gun in any way. The gun is merely held against it and that is what stabilizes it. The design provides a Rock Solid place for the gun to rest against, and that’s where the magic happens.

    Everyone who is serious about accurate pistol shooting needs one of these. I have two so I must be super serious? I think they are a must have for Police adn Secret Service who carry a pistol everyday. Having this device in your go bag that is quickly accessible if you needed to make an accurate shot at more than conversational distances would take the hesitancy out of making a tight Hostage Shot and saving someone’s life.
    I wouldn’t hesitate to make a 25 yard hostage shot with my wife’s life on the line. I am that confident with this tool.
    Also if you run out of ammo these things make a seriously effective club to beat someone with. They are very well made!!!

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