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Monday Morning Carry: USAMPS Pride

Today’s Monday Morning Carry incorporates elements of what one individual carries on his person and in his vehicle. Although the latter might not technically fall into what some people might define as EDC (much of it is clearly not what you’d find in a “pocket dump”), we find such arguments trivial and pedantic.

Besides, most of us could stand to keep a little more gear in our vehicle or boat, as much for vehicle-related contingencies and the possibility of driving up on a motor vehicle accident as the rather less likely (but sadly possible) potential for a gun battle.

EDC - USAMPS Pride-6

This particular loadout centers around a stock .40 caliber Glock 23 carried in a Blackhawk! Serpa CQC; mags are loaded with Barnes Personal and Home Defense TAC-XPD. The holster rides on a black Mean Gene Leather Victory Belt with an Aegis buckle, upon which also usually hangs an Eleven 10 Rigid TQ case for a C-A-T. (This is replaced with a less obtrusive option when the wearer is not clad in a loose overgarment.)

EDC - USAMPS Pride-3

The primary light is one of the now discontinued Inforce handhelds (a multi-colored LED/IR version), backed up by the light feature of a Surefire Luminox Wristlight watch. Knife needs are met with a Zero Tolerance ANSO S35VN Ti Flipper and the eyepro are Oakleys in MultiCam Black.

EDC - USAMPS Pride-5


EDC - USAMPS Pride-4

The plates and plate carrier hail from Grey Ghost Gear. The former are Level III limited edition FTA armor plates worn in a minimalist plate carrier. Note seen: additional mag pouches for the plate carrier (which is normally in a duffel on the seat). This individual is still debating between Tyr Happy Mags, HSG Pistol Tacos, or G-Code Scorpions.

Decisions, decisions.

The coffee cup (which has seen better days) is from a training evolution at Ft. Leonard Wood’s United States Army Military Police School a few years back. The coffee is whatever nasty brew was in the unlabeled can in the cabinet.

EDC - USAMPS Pride-2

This article has been another installment of our ongoing series “Monday Morning Carry.” Each is a different example of an EDC (Every Day Carry) “loadout.” Details of each in the article linked at the picture.

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