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Vertx Guardian and Assessor Shirts Offer Concealed Carry Comfort

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Vertx has added two new shirts to its VaporCore line, the Guardian and the Assessor. These shirts offer a new level of comfort to concealed carriers with the new WeaponGuard feature built in. What does that mean for the guy putting the shirt on in the morning? In the most basic of terms, the shirt has an undershirt built right in.

Most of us have a gun we really love that has an extremely aggressive grip texture. Unfortunately, that roughness can leave skin abrasions if you don't wear an undershirt for protection. The WeaponGuard technology is designed to alleviate the need for the secondary shirt in an effort to keep the wearer cool, especially when performing physical tasks or in hot weather.


The Guardian looks a lot like your run of the mill casual button-up loved by guys with dad bods but inspect the shirt a bit closer, you see that it is a purpose-built piece of gear. The WeaponGuard feature built into the shirt really does change everything when carrying an aggressively textured pistol.


For those of you that think that it is flannel because Garand Thumb rocks it, it is made of a regular weight casual shirt type material.

Vertx designed the shirt to be pulled over your head so the top 4 snaps disguised as buttons are for your head to pass through. Below that the snaps break away to reveal your concealed carry piece making it a pretty slick setup. Vertx even included a comms passthrough for mics.


Vertx seems to be targeting the athletic polo wearer with a material that's in line with most athletic style polos sold in big box stores currently and is very breathable. Vertx says that the fit of the shirt is on the athletic side. So, if you like a baggy shirt, this may not be the right one for you.


Unlike the Guardian shirt, the Assessor polo has conventional buttons up top for a more traditional feel. The semi-compression WeaponGuard underlayer is identical to the one on the Guardian shirt right down to the coms passthrough.


MSRP for the Vertx Guardian shirt is $69.95 and is offered in both long or short sleeve options with four colors to choose from. The Assessor polo is available in three colors and carries an MSRP of $55.95. You can find more information on the Vertx website.

Here's what Vertx said about the new products:

Vertx® announces the launch of its new line of shirts designed to comfortably carry concealed weapons and gear. The collection includes the new Guardian button-down style shirt and the Assessor polo. Both shirts are part of the Vertx® VaporCore™ line, which includes garments powered by 37.5® Technology woven into their fabric, assisting to regulate the body’s core temperature. The WeaponGuard™ feature protects wearers from skin irritation caused by carrying concealed weapons without an undershirt.

“Abrasion to the skin is a real problem for concealed carriers and wearing additional layers is not always an option,” said Justin Roberts, Vertx Brand Manager. “Our line of WeaponGuard™ shirts was designed in collaboration with end-users to develop a solution to this common challenge.”

Guardian Shirt – The Guardian shirt features a semi-compression WeaponGuard™ layer that begins at the lower chest and continues to the waist. This under layer is designed to comfortably guard the skin from chafing caused by concealed weapons, without having to don additional layers. The Guardian shirt has a button-front, pullover design for effortless donning, which includes snap button closures at the bottom of the garment that provides easy access to concealed weapons. Hidden body-side front plackets provide the wearer additional on-body space for weights or loading essential escape and evasion tools. The Guardian shirt is available in two solid colors and two modern plaid patterns in both long and short sleeve.

Assessor Polo – The Assessor polo features a traditional polo design with an athletic fit. The polo also has a semi-compression under layer that is designed to remain tucked into the pant, protecting the wearer from skin irritation caused by concealed carry. The short-sleeve Assessor polo is available in three heathered colorways.

Both garments feature a WeaponGuard™ under layer that is constructed with VaporCore™, powered by 37.5® Technology, which responds to the wearer’s body heat to regulate relative humidity and core temperature within their microclimate. This interaction keeps the body at its ideal performance levels of 37.5˚C and 37.5% humidity. Each shirt features underarm gussets for freedom of movement and were specially designed for ease of clearing and drawing concealed firearms.

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