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Vetrepreneurs: Brethren Armament, “No Greater Bond”

“A lot of parallels can be drawn between business and being a soldier. First and foremost being self-sufficiency. When your commander handed down orders, they mainly focused on results, not on methods. Just as in business, it is ultimately up to the business owner on how to get things done; The only instructions you’ll find are your experiences and input of those on your team. Teamwork is another critical similarity; there is simply no way to do it all if you want to get anywhere. But it’s a task in itself to find the right people that can handle delegation, follow through without constant oversight, and are worthy of entrusting your livelihood to.” Quinn McIntosh, President Brethren Armament


Quinn enlisted in the army in 2003 and went straight from basic training to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. As a reconnaissance specialist (19D) every day was a different mission. Quinn participated in a wide range of operations from patrols, interaction with the local population for intelligence gathering, Raids, middle of the night IED sweeps, and anything else that didn’t fit into a regular job description.


After a decade of deployments in the military and as a high threat Protection specialist, Quinn traded in his gun for a pencil, and went to College to pursue an Engineering degree. While in school, he started Brethren Armament with his brother; also a disabled vet and former LEO. Brethren started building MP5 clones, until they realized how much untapped potential resided in the Roller Delayed Blowback platform. Now they focus on all aspects of the system; Custom guns in countless calibers and configurations, accessories to increase the system’s performance, and even ground up platform development.


Not limited to their own products, Brethren Armament applies their expertise with other businesses in the industry.  Quinn explains;

We consult for other groups in the industry; bringing to bear our unique combination of experience and abilities to generate solutions that work for everyone involved; Those Carrying the guns in harm’s way, those manufacturing the guns, and everyone in between. Our Company Motto is “No Greater Bond,” meaning that belonging to the profession of arms is singular in its need to trust those beside you even more than your own kin. We keep that in mind with every gun and accessory we make.


Brethren Armament

Primary focus:

Custom Built Roller Lock Firearms Development, Production, and Accessories

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