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Vetrepreneurs: The Wing Shooter

The Wing Shooter is a shotgun sight designed by retired Naval Officer Aaron Frederick to help shooters develop their ability to lead and swing in order to hit moving targets. Instead of guessing where to shoot and hoping the shot pattern collides with the target, the shooter puts the bead directly on the target and follows it through the shot.

There are two collapsible wings on either side of the barrel that are level with the sight. These wings have two sight pins to allow for different range settings with three major positions fully closed against the barrel, half position at 45 degrees and a full position at 90 degrees.


The Wing Shooter works best with a ribbed barrel


Although the science behind the Wing Shooter is complex, its use is easy

Simply mount the Wing Shooter 6 to 8 inches from the bore of the shotgun barrel depending on the speed of the target; the faster the targets move, the further back on the barrel the sight is positioned. Six inches from the bore is a good place to start with the wings folded to the preset 45 degree position. As a target is moving to your left or right the shooter will use the pins of the opposite side.

For example if the target is moving left the shooter will use the pins on the right side of the barrel to shoot in front of the target and stay with the target to the ground.  The faster the target, the more of a lead is needed so the shooter uses the outside pin. For more lead the shooter moves the wings to the fully extended position.


The 45 degree angle is the best one to begin with

Frederick served as a Lieutenant in the United States Navy commanding boat crews of Marines and sailors tasked with pirate intervention. After an injury sustained in the line of duty, Frederick left the Navy to resume his career as a full time custom knife maker. If you think the Wing Shooter is innovative, you need to take a look at his knives.

Aaron Frederick serving as a Naval officer

Aaron Frederick as a Naval Officer

The Wing Shooter sight can be bought directly from Aaron for $30 and is available on his website.

Wing Shooter

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Shotgun weapon sight

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