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Vogel Dynamics Glock Pistol Sights

U.S. National Team champion shooter and former Ohio LEO Robert Vogel (Vogel Dynamics) just made the new Vogel Dynamics Glock Pistol Sights public and available for purchase. Designed and produced by Vogel himself, he tells us he's used them exclusively on all his Glocks for the last 8 months to ensure they are and do exactly what he wants. Says Vogel,

“Along with having the exact measurements I prefer, a unique feature is they have a slightly deeper rear notch which I've found helps visually when shooting at higher speeds.”

Vogel Dynamics Glock Sights 3

He continues,

“At this time they are only for Glocks and I only offer one front sight height (.220) right now as that has been just right (point of aim=point of impact) on the 10 Glocks of mine that I currently have it on. Often I've found its perception on fiber optic sights and guys that focus too much on the fiber on harder shots rather than the very top edge of the sight (like I think your supposed to on harder shots) will have it shoot a little higher for them. When focusing too much on the fiber they let the top edge of the front sight drift up above the top of the rear without realizing it and thats often why they shoot high. You can always make the fiber bigger or smaller to change things too……and besides that I think its always better to have it favor a little high rather than low at all anyways for several reasons……#1 most people shooting “at real speed” tend to shoot a little lower than when shooting at group shooting/bullseye speed……not even to mention flinching or jerking the shot low like so many often do at speed. #2 its usually better to miss high than low since the majority of the time no-shoots and hard cover are below the center zone of the target rather than above it. I've seen many guys complain about certain sights supposedly shooting high but then looking at their targets when they are shooting “for score” they have so many more shots low than high…….in that case does making the gun shoot lower really make sense? That said not all Glocks are the exact same and you can see a little variance sometimes from gun to gun.”

Vogel Dynamics Glock Sights

The new sights are $79.99 on Amazon, which describes them thusly:

Designed by a World Champion for the equal balance of accuracy and speed required in all realms of Practical Shooting. The wider and also deeper rear notch combined with a fiber optic that sets in the very top of the front sight makes them unique and desirable for ‘calling your shots' during high speed shooting. Specs: Hardened steel, matte black finish. Rear: Serrated 40LPI with double set screws, .250 tall, notch is .150 wide and .130 deep. Front: Serrated 40LPI, .220 tall, .117 wide, fiber optic size .040, includes hexagonal mounting screw and 2 inches of red fiber optic.

-Designed by a World Champion for the equal balance of accuracy & speed in Practical Shooting.
-The wider/deeper rear notch & fiber optic front sight makes them desirable for high speed shooting.
-Vogel Dynamics World Champion Glock Sights. Front & Rear Sight Set, comes with red fiber optic, and screw.
-Front: .220 tall, .117 wide / Rear: .250 tall, .150 wide, .130 deep / Fiber Optic Rod Size: .040
-Recommended for Glock 17, 17L, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 38, 39

Robert Vogel is the only law enforcement officer (as of this writing) to win World and National Championships in both IPSC and USPSA. A former SWAT officer, he's been a national champion over 2 dozen times and is the only person to have won a National Championship in all 3 IDPA auto pistol divisions, making him the only person to achieve the rank of 3 time “Distinguished Master”. In addition to offering his own training, Vogel recently joined the Alias Training lineup.

Vogel Dynamics Glock Sights 4

Here's a couple videos of Vogel in action. His website is online right here.

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