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Range Safety Alert: Extreme Walther CCP Failure

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A student taking an MDFI (Michigan Defensive Firearms Institute) class recently suffered a significant firearm failure while on the range. The weapon was a Walther CCP 9mm handgun and the student was not injured.

Says MDFI,

Extreme Walther CCP Failure

On 10 July 2016, MDFI staff witnessed a extreme failure of a Walther CCP 9mm handgun at a Foundation Handgun class in Alto, MI.

While firing, the shooters handgun jettisoned the slide and mainspring of the firearm. The slide was found roughly 5 feet downrange and the spring at the shooters feet. The frame was left intact and still in the hands of the shooter who was physically ok.


Upon closer inspection, it was not immediately discernible as to what part failed. The firearm is being sent back to Walther for inspection.

Unfortunately this is not the first report of a Walter CCP coming apart while firing we have received. We would would strongly suggest that all CCP owners give their firearms a good inspection prior to shooting.


No member of the RECOIL editorial staff witness the incident directly, but we have no reason to question the integrity of the organization (quite the contrary). In any event, a large number of students were on the line during the class and would have been aware of it.

You can learn more about the Walther CCP pistol right here on the Walther Arms website. Walther Arms is on Facebook at /WaltherArms/ and on Instagram as well, @waltherarms.

MDFI is online here. You can find them on Facebook here (/TrainMDFI), and on Instagram as well, @michigantrainer.

Walther Arms describes the CCP thusly:

“The all new CCP (Concealed Carry Pistol) in 9mm Luger has an ideal combination of style, ergonomics, size, shape, accuracy, and ability to conceal comfortably. The new Walther SOFTCOIL gas-delayed blowback technology works to make the CCP an excellent concealed carry firearm.

The CCP’s SOFTCOIL gas-delayed blowback system uses gas pressure from the ignited cartridge by directing it through a small port in the barrel in front of the chamber to slow down and delay the rearward motion of the slide. This is accomplished by means of a piston contained inside of a cylinder located under the barrel that opposes the rearward motion of the slide until the gas pressure has declined after the bullet has left the barrel. This allows the slide to end its rearward motion, opening the breech, and ejecting the empty cartridge case.”

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