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Want a NEMO OMEN Rifle?

Well, do you? Silly question, right? FourGuysGuns is announcing their NEMO Omen Rifle and Training Giveaway; you just have to like a few pages on Facebook to win, and you can apparently enter multiple times.

So what's the OMEN? It's a .300 Winchester Magnum AR Rifle (retail nearly $6k without an optic) built by New Evolution Military Ordnance. That's the primary reason to enter, but not the only reason to enter. In addition to a bad ass rifle, winners will receive an all expense paid trip out to NEMO Arms in Montana for two (2) days of training in long distance shooting. That course will be conducted by the Max Ordinate Academy (MOA) and its instruction will have students shooting the OMEN out to a klick (1,000 meters).

MOA's training team, Ryan and Tyler, are former USMC snipers who've been conducting training and participating in sniper competitions around the United States. They have a combined nineteen (19) years in the Marines and eleven (11) years training. You can follow their activities on their Facebook page if you'd like (and you're going to have to like that page to win the rifle anyway, so you might as well start now).

The entry form for the contest is posted on FourGuysGuns. The winner will be announced when they hit the 40K mark on their FaceBook Page.

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