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Weaponizing Everything with The Slingshot Channel

Joerg Sprave is the mastermind behind The Slingshot Channel, a YouTube channel all about, you guessed it…slingshots. He first gained a more widespread attention when he devised a machete launcher back in 2011, and since then he's just gotten better.

While he has a penchant for the rubber powered mechanisms, over the years he's branched out to any number of methods for launching various projectiles. Most recently he concocted a combined speargun that fires multiple projectiles with compressed air. It's actually somewhat reminiscent of Moe's firearm creation on the Simpsons.


Give the video a quick watch here

Three pounds of projectiles certainly makes for an ample amount of recoil, but Joerg certainly looks like he can handle it well. Another creation, straight of a B-movie (specifically Hard Ticket to Hawaii) was a frisbee equipped with scalpel blades.

As you may have surmised from the strange name and funny accent, Joerg Sprave is based out of Germany, where civilian ownership of firearms is extremely restricted. It just goes to show once again that where there's a will, there's a way. We're not going to say that all of the Slingshot Channel gadgets are entirely practical (nor were they all meant to be), but we can think of worse ways to spend a lazy afternoon than browsing through all of his creations.

You can The Slingshot Channel on Youtube here, and there's even a webpage and forum which you can find here.

More about The Slingshot Channel

The Slingshot Channel is all about muscle operated weapons, often powered by rubber. We don’t sell handmade slingshots, but there is a store, offering mass produced slingshots designed by Jörg Sprave, plus other items.

But still, we have lots of fun!

Jörg Sprave, the team leader and owner, was born 1965 in Dortmund/Germany, where he lived for the first 18 years of his life. He then studied economy at the university of Paderborn and achieved a master’s degree in business administration (1989). After a long career in the field of electronic and entertainment product development and distribution, he is now mainly focussing on his successful YouTube channel, but still doing some consulting in Consumer Electronics.

He likes weapons of all kinds, including firearms and knifes, but his special love is currently dedicated towards slingshots. He has made hundreds of frames, but also invented several slingshot crossbows and other rubber powered weapons.

Other hobbies are weightlifting, collecting fountain pens and knives.

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