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Wheelguns – Clint Smith on Revolvers (History)

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Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch recently began a video instructional series on revolvers. Over the course of these episodes, Smith — a Marine Corps veteran of the Vietnam War who first began teaching firearms as part of the USMC's Combined Action Program in '68 — runs down some basic history and weapon manipulation for what he calls the “polymer generation” of gun owners.

“I think probably all training is good, but the key is to be smart enough as a student to understand what stuff is not applicable to you. The common thinking today is, you know, take the best tools from the instructors toolbox. Well, I don’t need the student with a toolbox full of tools sorting through that shit in a fight. I need him to pick a wrench, pick a hammer, whatever, and go to work. So, a particular rifle or tactic may or may not be the perfect tool, but it’s the tool you’re fighting with.” Clint Smith

Wheelguns – Clint Smith on Revolvers I: A History

You can read more about Clint Smith in this interview from a previous installment of ZEROED IN. 

Thunder Ranch is on Instagram, @thunderranch, and can be found on Facebook here.

“You have the rest of your life to solve your problems. How long you live depends on how well you do it.” Clint Smith


About Thunder Ranch as they describe themselves.

The Thunder Ranch facility offers a wide array of ranges and target variations.  This design is a refinement from Clint’s experience designing firing ranges for individuals, law enforcement, government, and private training facilities throughout his lifetime.  Taking the best aspects of design and function, Clint has designed the Oregon facility to be efficient in use and movement to and from the ranges in order to maximize training time. Thunder Ranch offers dual and multi-use ranges that incorporate static, moving, running, rural, urban, outdoor, indoor, elevated, angled, flat, lit, dark, close and distance targets. Oregon weather does it’s part in offering the rain, snow, fog, wind, heat, and combinations during the seasons at high elevation, giving the shooter true real world environments to learn in. When you enter Thunder Ranch you will see a manicured facility where every object has purpose and place.  From the classroom that seats students during lectures, to the outdoor pavilion where you will eat lunch and view the Oregon outback.  Contrary to what most people think, wildlife is abundant around the range, and you are just as likely to see a large amount of deer as you are your fellow students.

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