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Wilson Combat Unloads .458 HAM’R Carbines

Written by Jacki Billings

AdWilson Combat rolls out a pair of ARs alongside a new cartridge, the .458 HAM’R.

The .458 HAM’R debuts as what Wilson Combat calls the “hardest hitting” round to enter its lineup. With an AR-10 bolt and barrel extension, the new cartridge handles maximum pressures of 46,000 PSI and boasts the capability to exceed 3,000 foot-pounds of energy from an 18-inch barrel, according to the company.

“The .458 HAM’R is more than capable of cleanly killing any animal in North America, stopping a vehicle or blasting through a brick wall,” the company said in a statement.

Accompanying the new round are a pair of rifles purpose built to tackle the thumping cartridge.

Both the Tactical Hunter and Ultimate Hunter use hybrid length receivers as well as bolt carrier groups that are 3/4-inches shorter than standard AR-10s. Feeding from a Lancer AR-15 magazine, the rifles both serve up a magazine capacity of 7 or 9-rounds.


The .458 rifles feature an 18-inch fluted Wilson Combat match grade barrel resting in an overall length of 34.25-inches, with stock collapsed. (37.5-inches with stock extended.) Tipping scales at 7 pounds, the Tactical Hunter and Ultimate Hunter are constructed with a lightweight flat top billet upper in addition to a mid-length gas system with SLR Rifleworks adjustable gas block.

Though the two versions are largely similar, they do offer slight variations. Namely, the Tactical Hunter boasts a threaded muzzle (thread protector included), Rogers/Wilson Super-Stoc, and Wilson Combat/BCM Starburst Gunfighter grip in black. Ultimate

On the other hand, the pricier Ultimate Hunter dumps some accessories into the pot, cooking up a Smoke Composite Carbon Fiber closed shoulder buttstock with Limbsaver Pad and Mission First Tactical Pistol Grip, also in black.

The carbines are topped off with an Armor-Tuff finish with green and black as the standard fare, unless you want to cough up extra cash for other color combinations.

The Tactical Hunter and Ultimate Hunter will be available through Wilson Combat with prices starting at $2,905 for the Tactical and $3,055 for the Ultimate. .458 HAM’R ammunition will soon follow the rifles, with Wilson Combat saying it will also provide the ammunition online.

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