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Win a copy of “Reflexive Fire”

Author Jack Murphy, a former member of the 75TH Ranger Regiment and Green Beret (he was a sniper and team leader for 3/75 Ranger Battalion and a Senior Weapons Sergeant with 5TH Special Forces Group), is holding an impromptu Facebook special. If you'd like a chance to win a copy of his novel Reflexive Fire, visit this page for details. The book's protagonist,Sean Deckard, is a former SOF operator hired as a PMC contractor to train and lead Kazakh mercenary soldiers on a series of direct action mission. Hidden agendas and political machinations on the part of the paymaster soon complicate matters.  If you read this too late or just want to buy a copy, do so here. Read an interview with the author over on the self-proclaimed “Cyber Man-Cave for Literate Action Junkies.”

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