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Winchester Victory Series Honors WWII With Period Correct Ammo

At SHOT Show Winchester teased the upcoming Winchester Victory Series of ammo packaging on a nondescript end table tucked in the back of their booth. Sadly there wasn't a ton of information on hand when I stopped by to see what was coming this year from Winchester.

Thankfully Winchester has released some information about when we should see the commemorative ammo on store shelves.

The Victory Series ammunition came about as a result of Winchester's deep involvement in providing firearms and ammunition to the military during World War II and a desire to honor those that put everything on the line in the face of a common enemy.

Winchester will release the following commemorative wood boxes over 2018 and 2019:

  • 45 Auto (M1911A1), June 2018
  • .30-06 Springfield (M1 Garand), November 2018
  • .30 Carbine (M1 Carbine), June 2019
  • 12-gauge Brass Hull Buckshot (M12 Trench Gun), November 2019

Each box will retail for approximately $25-$30 per box depending on caliber.

Winchester hasn't set up a product page yet, but check in on the Winchester Ammunition website now and again to see what is new.

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    looking for the winchester victory series

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