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Worshipping the Sign of the V8 – the Cars of Fury Road

You like the look of the vehicles in Fury Road? Jalopnik just released a

There were well over a hundred vehicles used in Fury Road, most if not all used in vast numbers of real world (not CGI) stunts. Among them was, of course, the XB-Interceptor driven by Max Rockatansky. Another was a dually driven by villain “Immortan Joe” as a wheeled throne –  the Gigahorse, which was built using 2 1959 Coup de Villes complete with a pair of V8 engines connected to a single shaft. Of course there's also the War Rig, a brutal looking 18-wheeler used to do battle across the wasteland and the Peacemaker, which is a tracked Chrysler Variant using a water-cooled Merlin V8.

Read the full Jalopnik article right here. You'll be glad you did.

You can find more pictures of Mad Max cars over on Imgur.

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