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X Products “Ultimate Skeletonized AR15”

X Products advises they are working they are now working on the “ultimate skeletonized AR15.” It is currently specced with a skeletonized Detroit Gun Works reciever, Timney Skeletonized trigger and X Products skeletonized X-15. They're planning to use a 14″ Fortis Rev Forend, Mission First Tactical Minimalist Stock and Jess James skeletonized pistol grip. The receiver weighs just 6.6 oz.

As you can see, they are going for an “open” look. Seemingly obvious questions arise with regard to functionality in the face of detritus and weather, but there is no doubt it has aesthetic appeal.

Asked why they would build such a thing, X Products responded with “Why not?

That seems as good an answer as any.

X Products Ultimate Skeletonized AR15 -2

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