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Youtuber Makes AR Lower Receiver from Spent Brass

YouTuber GunCraft101 posted a video where he makes his own brass AR-10 lower receiver from fired cases.

Brass AR lower 2

GunCraft101 starts with 1,425 fired cases to make a 13-pound blank. He then spent about 60 hours turning the blank into one of the coolest AR-10 lowes known to man. You really have to admire this guy's commitment to producing something with his own hands.

GunCraft101 answered some questions in the video's description that he anticipates will be asked:

Answers to FAQ's:

– This took around 60 hours total build time. The brass was significantly harder to machine than the aluminum can lower, so each cut took longer.

– I don't expect any problems with it holding up over time. They make these out of plastic and they work fine. The lower receiver doesn't take that much stress in use with an AR platform.

– My mill is a Grizzly 0755:…

– I may etch it or mark it in some manner in the future, but I want to experiment on scrap first.

– No, it's not for sale.

– No, I don't plan to sell 80% lowers. It's simply too much work to get to the 80% point. Nobody would like the price!

– It is legal to make a gun for personal use. It would be illegal if I made it with the intent to sell. In some states I would be required to serialize it, but not in my state.

– This is not teaching children or terrorists how to make firearms. This part can be printed out of plastic on a 3D printer that you buy from amazon for $500, while this is probably the hardest method possible to acquire a lower receiver. The only reason to build a gun with this method is because you enjoy the process of metal working. If you just want a gun there are FAR easier and cheaper ways to do it.

Brass AR lower
This isn't the first time that GunCraft101 has made a functioning lower out of scrap metal. Last year he made his own AR-15 from soda cans. The entire process is detailed on his YouTube channel but the cliff notes version is he melted a bunch of cans then milled it into a lower.

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