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Team SIG 1911 POW-MIA Nitron Sweepstakes

Team SIG 1911 POW-MIA Nitron Sweepstakes

For November 2012 SIG Sauer has a sweepstakes for the new 1911 POW-MIA Nitron .45ACP….

Smith & Wesson M&P C.O.R.E

Smith & Wesson has introduced the M&P Pro Series Competition Optics Ready Equipment (C.O.R.E) line…

Daniel Defense – Build Your DDM4 Configurator

Daniel Defense has launched the “Build Your DDM4″ configurator, where you can customize a complete AR-15 rifle or upper receiver group that you can order direct from them.

Noveske Shooting Team – 3 Gun Hero Trailer

The Noveske Shooting Team (NST) has released a trailer for its upcoming 3 Gun Hero DVD. The DVD features Rob Romero, Jansen Jones & Katie Harris…

Sig Sauer M1-A11Sweepstakes

Sig Sauer has a new sweepstakes for September 2012 where you could win a Sig M11-A1 pistol. The M11 is a compact pistol chambered in 9mm…

Costa Ludus Smith & Wesson M&P

Images have been going around the net showcasing a Chris Costa edition Smith & Wesson M&P pistol. Official information and pricing…

Handl Defense SCAR25 Lower for SCAR 17

Handl Defense has introduce the SCAR25 lower receiver for the FNH SCAR 17. The lower allows the 17 to use SR25, M110, and other magazines..

YHM Zombie Hunter (SOC-150) Rifle

Yankee Hill Machine Co. (YHM) has release its new Zombie Hunter (SOC-150) rifle, chambered in 5.56mm. The rifle is coated with Proveil’s Reaper-Z…

5 New Videos from Wilson Combat

Wilson Combat has release five new videos on its YouTube channel, An Introduction to Wilson Combat, An Interview with Bill Wilson of Wilson Combat, Evolution…