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Ann Arbor Arms: Training, FFL Retailer, and Where to Find RECOIL Magazine

We've heard the phrase “Jack of all Trades, Master of None,” and the possibly ahistorical rebuttal that is “Master of ONE.” When it comes to firearms and self-defense, in the environment that we live in, we're faced with a challenge to both. When done right, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts: anything neglected, be it skill, equipment, or mindset, becomes a high-stakes gamble. Built on this understanding, Ann Arbor Arms has risen to meet the needs of their customers, and weave them together into a whole package.

At the core of Ann Arbor Arms, located in southeastern Michigan, you'll find education and training critical to their outlook. As a combination of FFL Retailer, Indoor Range, and Training Center, they're also combatting censorship by carrying RECOIL Magazine on their shelves. 

ann arbor arms exterrior

Ann Arbor Arms began in 2012 as a Gun Store in a Strip Mall. Despite all odds, they quickly found success and turned that momentum into something much more. By 2015, a new facility was built, including a 24-lane indoor range, and expanded space for a wide range of instruction. The transition from solely an FFL Retailer to a multi-faceted community asset was more than skin deep, as the core of the development was to focus on both the equipment and skill needs of their customers.

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One of two 5-star ranges in Michigan, education stands at the center of Ann Arbor Arms, whether through what they teach or what they carry. The survey of classes spans from first-time gun owners, to police, with a focus on home and self-defense. Aside from hosting events, they teach Carbine and Handgun Skills courses, a Michigan Concealed Carry class, and Specialized Training that continues to fill up quickly.

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In addition to training, Ann Arbor Arms offers gunsmithing and armorer services. With an active membership base, and an elite lounge for the members, those who sign up get special access to services like ultrasonic firearms cleaning. The cost and benefits of a membership show that Ann Arbor Arms has the needs of the people in mind, first and foremost. 

ann arbor arms

For those in the southeastern Michigan area, RECOIL magazine can be found on the shelves of Ann Arbor Arms. As RECOIL teams up with Local FFLs, we as a gun community can pull a grassroots revolution on the censorship of firearms content.

Find Ann Arbor Arms at:
On Instagram: @ann_arbor_arms
Twitter: @annarborarms


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2 responses to “Ann Arbor Arms: Training, FFL Retailer, and Where to Find RECOIL Magazine”

  1. Jh Coles says:

    Great to see my favorite store & range mentioned here! I live in Ann Arbor and have spent some bucks there along with purchasing Recoil. Really surprised to find it here. But then again, AA Arms is a great place!

  2. Andrew says:

    I used to go here a lot when I lived in Michigan. World-class facility, staff, selection, and training opportunities.

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