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Dead Air Nomad-Ti Review: Lighter Pressure, Lower Weight

Dead Air Silencers first released the Nomad in October of 2018. This was Dead Air’s first wide-body, tubeless, 1.735-inch diameter can with the now-universal HUB 1.375×24 TPI rear end. Therefore, a nearly endless supply of mounting solutions is available. 

The Nomad isn’t just a lower-pressure suppressor due to sheer volume — just look at that X-ray. It’s clear the Nomad isn’t simply the same old silencer design in a slightly fatter profile. Each baffle has its own secondary chamber to store and then bleed gas after the projectile passes, effectively making the Nomad a silencer with multiple bore evacuators. We first covered bore evacuators in RECOIL Issue 35, as the Gemtech Integra integrally suppressed rifle uses the same technology. 

dead air nomad-ti xray

A bore evacuator effectively delays the movement of the gas, giving it slightly more time before it follows the path of least resistance. The end result is that the majority of the extra gas goes through the muzzle end rather than back-flowing through the barrel and needlessly increasing pressure, gas in your face, felt recoil, and wear. 

Dead Air first followed up the Nomad with the performance-enhancing E-brake, and then after some skunkworks testing, they released the Nomad-L at SHOT Show 2020. What you see here is the Nomad-Ti, an all-titanium version of the Nomad-30 that weighs in at a mere 9.6 ounces, including the bundled direct-thread mount.

It’s easy to see why Dead Air keeps investing in the Nomad system. From the day they released them, they can’t keep them in stock; it was a great performer, and people quickly took notice. 

Unlike most Dead Air cans, the Nomad-Ti does indeed have barrel length restrictions — high pressures produced by short-barreled 5.56 guns will heat and eat titanium for breakfast. As such, the Nomad-Ti is limited to 5.56 barrels of 12.5 inches or above for slow-fire.

Dead Air Nomad-Ti

In addition to being better suited for a 16-inch rifle like the ATAC ADER, it comes naked and uncoated, so it really pops next to the tungsten Cerakote. Remember: Looking cool is always the first rule. 

Instead of using the provided Dead Air direct-thread mount, we went with a JMAC Customs X-37 brake. It’s compatible with all 1.375×24 TPI silencers, as well as their BDS-37 blast shield for unsuppressed use, should we find ourselves in a state with oppressive NFA restrictions. 


Dead Air Silencers continues to impress us with their innovation. Even though the Nomad-Ti is a straightforward extension of an existing product line, a sub 10-ounce suppressor with this level of performance is exceptional. 

Dead Air Nomad-Ti

Caliber: .30
Overall Length: 6.5 inches
Weight: 9.6 ounces
MSRP: $1,099


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