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Brand New Dead Air Nomad: #1 with a Bullet in their Sights

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Today silencer company Dead Air is officially launching the availability of their latest suppressor: The Nomad-30

Not just another me-too silencer, Dead Air set out to make a quieter, tougher, and more modular version of the SilencerCo Omega-300.

Frankly, these are big pants to fill, as the SilencerCo Omega may actually be the most prolifically purchased silencer in American history.

Right off of the bat, in the manual the Dead Air Nomad-30 is compared to the Omega, and certainly not in in a positive light:

The Dead Air Nomad-30 ships with a fixed mount (at the time of this writing either 5/8x24mm or 1/2x28mm), which definitely gives you a shorter OAL than you might expect–falling in-between the Sandman-S and the Sandman-K


[Billy Mays Voice]: But wait, there's more! [/Billy Mays]
The Dead Air Nomad-30 can also accept any and all Omega mounts and devices. With a Dead Air Omega Key-Mo, it gets slightly longer
Dead Air Suppressors lineup
Even still, we're talking about something shorter than the Sandman-L.

Area 419 compatible? You betcha.
Dead Air Nomad parts

Interchangeable endcaps? The Dead Air Nomad-30 does that too–different calibers and flash hiders just like everything else on the menu
Dead Air Nomad end cap

You may have noticed that the Dead Air Nomad-30 is fatter, and that's because it is. Eschewing the normal 1.5-inch diameter tube, the Nomad-30 has a diameter of 1.735-inches. This is to fit a new baffle technology inside that we're told reduces backpressure, even with high pressure loads.

Here's what Dead Air had to say about it:

Making it lighter was a challenge for us because we are known for making the most rugged hard use reliable silencers out there, and anytime you are reducing weight, you reduce strength regardless of what any other company tells you. That is something that is hard for us to back off of. However, we are realists and understand that not everyone needs an “end of days” tank of a silencer that the sandman line-up is intended for.

We won’t bullshit our customers like some manufactures do. In fact, most serious shooters don’t need what the sandman can handle.

Can this handle belt after belt, and full auto mag-dump after mag dump like the sandman can? no…

Can it handle a lifetime of moderate use like weekend training courses, range days, hunting trips etc… HELL YES IT CAN!

The funny thing is, we accidentally made it a lot stronger than we thought. We have done multiple tests of 7-8 mags worth of full auto mag dumps from various calibers and barrel lengths.

A lot of this is due to the totally baffle design that manages pressure and expanding gasses very well. We didn’t do like others have done and cut material out make it lighter and weaker, or using lighter materials like titanium which don’t handle high temps and blast erosion very well. So, while it will come with the same no barrel length or full auto restriction, we recommend taking precautions like a muzzle brake vs flash hider on insanely short useless barrels, and keeping full auto use to a few mag dumps at a time… which like mentioned before is more than most people can ever put one through in a lifetime anyway…. It’s never round count that hurts…. Its insanely high heat from full auto mag dump after mag dump. Silencers in general cool down from peak temps very quickly then hover around that 2-300 degree mark cooling slower from there. The tubeless design surface area of this particular model help it cool down from those peak temps even faster.

Dead_Air_Nomad03Dead Air Nomad

Visit Dead Air online here.

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