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Escarpment Arms: Guns, Gunsmithing, and Training in Western New York

The idea of Escarpment Arms started in 2017 at an unnamed DFAC, and has grown into a multifaceted firearms business in western New York. Paired with Bull Creek Strategic, a training company, the storefront deals in firearms and accessories, and the gunsmithing to go with it. Whether to invest in training, have some custom work done on a firearm, or pick up a copy of RECOIL magazine, Escarpment Arms continues to grow, train, and build into the firearms community.

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At one point, Escarpment Arms began as a basement FFL, but when they found 33 acres outside of Niagara Falls that were already zoned as a gun store and range, they took advantage of the opportunity. Without having to go through the political hair-pulling of zoning, Bull Creek Strategic and Escarpment Arms have grown to a fully-rounded gun store and training operation.

bull creek strategic escarpment arms

Set between the rural needs of the hunter, and the growing interest in self-defense, they stock both tactical and hunting gear, holding to a standard of quality that serves the customer long term.

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The gunsmithing available includes full frame modifications, triggers, stippling, cerakoting, their own custom slide cuts, and more. The slide modifications that began as a napkin drawing focus on functional aspects, including balancing the weight of material removed, and getting a slightly lower cut for optics. Their firearms are used by security professionals and competition shooters alike. As for the firearms they stock, expect what you find at the gunstore to be selected by the staff with confidence.

frank morabito

Frank Bito, President of Escarpment Arms and CEO of Bull Creek Strategic.

Bull Creek Strategic covers a gambit of training, whether through a CCW course, or specialized training, midset remains at the core of their instruction, and not the kind you find next to the tabloids. Zeroing in on being an asset, not a liability, they recognize that shooting is only a fraction of the problem, from performance to self-defense, to martial training.

escarpment arms

A one-stop-shop for training, guns, gear, and custom workmanship located in Western New York, Escarpment Arms now carries RECOIL magazine. Check them out at
For Bull Creek Strategic's course schedule, go to

[All Photography provided by Escarpment Arms.]

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2 responses to “Escarpment Arms: Guns, Gunsmithing, and Training in Western New York”

  1. Joseph P Morabito says:

    Congrats to you Frank and Joe , the both of you put your heart and soul into this business

  2. Janeanne says:

    So proud of you Joe. From the first days of starting out alone working in your basement to finding the perfect place to branch out! I couldn’t be more proud of you.

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