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Evidence of Glock Carbine: Patents and Proofs

We've heard the rumor repeated for the better part of a decade: when will there be a Glock carbine? Through backchannels we learned of the development several years ago, and while it's far from a guarantee, Glock has officially filed a number of patents concerning a carbine.

As with the strange rotating-barrel Glock 46, we first learned of the existence of these patents from foreign sources, in this case a German blog/youtube channel Sparanat.
Applications were filed the beginning of November 2019, and were published in the first half of April. We're certainly not patent attorneys or engineers, but we can speculate from the patents themselves. Of course we anticipate features from all of the next generation/”SCAR killer” rifles.

We note that several of these patents show an AR-type parts but that in no way means that the Glock carbine will be a modified direct-gas ala' AR-15; it also could mean the availability of Glock adjustable blocks for AR-type rifles and we're looking at two sets of patents.

Engineers and attorneys certainly know how to patent features without giving up the ghost of the entire design. Without further ado, here are the patents concerning this Glock carbine design:
Firearm with gas-operated reloading concerns the gas system.
glock carbine 3a

Glock Carbine with an adjustment device for gas-operated weapons concerns the quick-adjust gas block itself
glock carbine Fig 3

Firearm with secured firing pin retaining pin looks like a different way to secure a cotter pin. Additionally, as with the gas block we see more AR-15 parts, though other patents point to a different direction.

Firearm having a device for barrel clamping looks like a QD barrel system.

Bolt head for a firearm is about an enhanced bolt that appears to interchange with a standard AR-15. The patents claims it allows for a higher mechanical stability of the cam pin and an improved service life.

Carbine having a charging handle gives us a glimpse that the potential Glock carbine will move away from standard AR charging handles

Weapon with cartridge-case ejection

Firearm with gas drive brings us through some of the details of the Glock Carbine gas system itself.

Firearm with a magazine holder is about the magazine release and lower receiver. Magazines appear to be [unsurprisingly] STANAG-type

Companies and individuals file for patents all the time, so the existence of these patents in no way guarantees we'll see it–but it does bring some hope.

We have reached out to Glock Inc for further comment.


6 responses to “Evidence of Glock Carbine: Patents and Proofs”

  1. Billy Wilson says:

    I’ll beleave it when it becomes available for sale.

  2. BigMikeU says:

    I would love to see a Glock Carbine!??? I have a 9mm Glock style AR Carbine and have just about all the parts for a Radial Delayed Blowback Carbine chambered in 45ACP. I would love to see Glock come out with one so i can say i own one? LOL Its been loads of fun shooting my pistol caliber Carbine and i cant wait to get the 45ACP together so i can shoot some of the stocked up ammo i have since i live in a state that isnt really gun friendly, lets just say! hehe So my Glock Carbine would need a fixed stock and Compensator nothing else on the tip…..hehe and no more then 10rds. Sadly for the next year or two im stuck here! LOL but soon ill be in a free state!

  3. GomeznSA says:

    ‘maybe’ some one is paying attention over there in Smyrna and realizes how many PCC are out there that just happen to use Glock magazines. Market share…………….

  4. Donnie says:

    So what did Glock say about this?

  5. Donnie says:

    I have been waiting for a Glock Carbine for twenty years. This would be Legendary for sure!

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