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GBRS Group x TXC Holsters: Carrying Forward

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Since GBRS Group first appeared in RECOIL OFFGRID #43 they've expanded into launching their own gear. From their GBRS Group Assaulter Belt System, to keeping up with the hype t-shirts, limited release clothing, and just recently: a holster. We've seen some of the work that comes from TXC Holsters before, and with the next drop of the GBRS variant happening Saturday the 16th of October, it has had some time in the wild to prove its merits.

GBRS Group x TXC Holsters

As TXC Holsters partakes in the push to modernize Kydex, their Pro Series includes many of the integrated features we wish we had ten years ago. The GBRS Group variant uses this as a base, but takes special liberties from there. TXC holsters utilizes their Helix Technology: a multi-axis wedge and body designed to establish the ride height, angle, and rotation of the holster for a more concealed carry. GBRS Group tweaked this with their version, removing the rear “hump” from the body of the holster, and increasing the angle of the belt clip on two axis.

GBRS Group x TXC Holsters

While the TXC Holsters X1:Pro can be built to the customer's preference in regards to sweat guard height, color of components, and its base configuration, the GBRS Group variant comes the way they would want it, and is limited to Glock and SIG handguns.

GBRS Group x TXC Holsters
Left: TXC X1:Pro, Right: GBRS Group Variant

As all TXC Holsters are cut for red dots and have a channel for suppressor height sights. The muzzle end of the holster is kept open to fit a threaded barrel and most compensators as well. Adjustable tension comes standard and the belt clip cant is adjustable at the Helix wedge.

GBRS Group x TXC Holsters

Designed as an EDC holster, the GBRS Group Variant conceals a SIG P320 Xcarry like it was a smaller handgun. Not requiring the wearer be sporting their Assaulter belt base, and Grip Matters t-shirt for a complete look, this unique version of a TXC Holster meets the first criteria: it conceals well, better with practice. It's impossible to say at this time whether it is designed for appendix carry, or if that's simply the zeitgeist of our era, but it can be worn at the hip or 5-O'clock without issue. While we've been using it with one clip, the pair of metal Discreet Carry Concepts belt clips holds fast, even in a storm.

GBRS Group x TXC Holsters

The modified Helix Technology shows its face by tucking the grip of the holstered pistol against the body. On the slider scale between concealability and a fast draw, it can feel like cheating as the overall shape provides both a stable and repeatable location to draw from, without requiring too much attention to wardrobe. Although the days of the oversized flannel are not completely over, they dwell much more in fashion than function in today's market.

The belt clip keeps the holster firmly in place, with no worry of it breaking or giving out in the heat of the moment. After setting the desired weight of retention, the pistol stays in place, both on the belt line, and within the holster.

GBRS Group x TXC Holsters

In terms of comfort, for those already carrying their handgun on the front of their body, the transition period from new to comfortable is relatively quick. Well advanced from the days of an inside-the-waistband pancake holster, its single-piece construction lacks the jabbing edges and corners common with earlier holsters. The Sweatguard adequately performs its namesake while also channeling the handgun when re-holstering.

GBRS Group x TXC Holsters

Following the spirit of the Holster, the GBRS Variant of TXC's mag pouch includes a tweak or two. With adjustable retention and secured to the belt via the same clip as the holster, the mag pouch retains its cargo while articulating with the body better than the holster + caddy combinations. Each mag pouch can be configured for left or right-handed draw, or bullets forward or backward, to the user's preference. TXC Holsters' mag caddies show the benefit of smaller details: the elongated flaring at the opening for easier re-seating and a long cutaway for using one's index finger to align the magazine when drawing.

GBRS Group x TXC Holsters

The teamwork between GBRS Group and TXC Holsters has not reinvented the Kydex holster, but instead added the preference and experience of the prior with the technical capabilities of the latter. The result is a more than competent holster that has the ride of an every-day-carry and the construction to last more than a few years. In terms of both style and substance, this holster will stick around for a while.

[Update: Unlike the current retail version, we used only one of the two Discreet Carry Concepts clips.

GBRS Group x TXC Holster

Models: Glock 17/19, SIG SAUER P320
MSRP: Holster: $110, Mag Pouch: $45
URL: and

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