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Monday Morning EDC – Glock Served 3 Ways

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Finding new things to say about the Glock 19 is a hard task. They’re boringly reliable. Its 9mm perfection in so many ways: Size, reliability, function… an utterly evolved chunk of black plastic and steel that just works every time you pull the trigger. It’s no wonder they find their way into many an EDC loadout. So – the spice? The hot sauce that distinguishes one man’s G19 battle belt from another’s? Why, the way the dish is prepared! In this case, it's the accessories that make the difference.

Glock EDC au naturel, with a Side of Low Light


This is for the purist: a mostly unmodified Glock, a multitool, and some thought towards what happens when the lights go off.

The Surefire 6P, once the de rigueur light of professionals, is now far outclassed by newer Surefire lights such as the Fury. The 6P once ruled the world, but like the dinosaurs, the LED evolution left the old beasts behind. Or maybe it was a big meteor. Or a flood. Either way, if you can find one cheap, or still have an old one hanging around, they are a good candidate for a (relatively) inexpensive LED head upgrade. (There are a number of options to do this, an example of one here.) The 6P body and tailcap are still as useful as they used to be, and while the 65 lumen incandescent lightbulb era is over, an inexpensive swap to a brighter and more durable LED heads that last thousands of hours can wake these old torches up.

Continuing along the “when the lights go off” theme, the one thing anyone can legitimately say the Glock actually *needs* improved out of the box is the simple addition of tritium night sights. The factory plastics don’t have this necessary capability, so this Gen 4 G19 sees in the dark with the addition of Dawson Precision adjustable front and rear sights.

From there, it veers only slightly from the factory configuration with the addition of a ZEV Technologies Compact Universal PRO Magwell which is very low profile but still gives a little more “funnel” to guide magazine changes in quickly.

The holster is an APEX, from Veil Solutions, made of foliage green Kydex. The APEX is designed specifically for carrying appendix style (“AIWB”). It is a belt-clip style with adjustable retention.

Veil’s website launches with the immediate caveat that “MOST orders ship in APPROXIMATELY 8-10 weeks”, so perhaps this sends the subtextural message: This is the gun of a patient man. Slow to anger, but effective in its stripped down simplicity.

Being prepared more often than not means being able to fix or open something rather than kill it, so the built-like-an-(elegant)-brick Multitasker slides into a pocket, doing knife duty as well as a multitude of other… tasks. CNC machined pliers roll smoothly, a Glock-sized disassembly punch does its work, there’s AR15-specific tools, and a partially serrated 3-inch D2 tool steel knife blade stands ready.

Glock EDC a ’la Mode


Then our menu swings hard to the elaborate and up-to-the-minute: This Glock 19 shows example of the #RolandSpecial approach: fast spreading as the setup for a low-vis fighting pistol with the highspeed crowd. It is named after a gent (well, his nom de guerre anyway) who has done some service for his country. In the due course of dispatching black hats the world over, he has refined a recipe of modifications to an already reliable pistol. The Roland-ized Glock becomes not only something you can count on to go bang when needed, but also fast and flat shooting. The addition of a compensated barrel, the custom milled slide set up with red dot optics (for both speed as well as low-light use), in short all adds up to what is basically an offensive race gun.

This example of the RS G19 concept is owned by Justin Youngblood (of Acoustic Attenuation Group ), who was kind enough to throw it all down on the table for a quick photo and give a rundown of his accessory choices and how it meets his needs.

It is carried in a Raven Concealment Systems Eidolon holster. This is an Inside The Waistband (IWB) setup that features attachments points for modular accessories that allow the user to modify the system for their specific preferences and needs. It has adjustable retention, and is compatible with most any type of sights and mini red dot sights (MRDS), as well as extended/threaded barrels, which this one has pretty much all of.

ZEV Tech makes a lot of the modifications on this pistol: the TRILO model slide, a replacement drop on slide pre-milled to accept the Trijicon RMR red dot optic. The ZEV slide is 1704 Billet Stainless Steel, and is Diamond Like Carbon coated to have a Rockwell hardness rating above that of the factory finish. Dawson Precision sights and the Trijicon optic give an Absolute co-witness for fast target acquisition, in any light condition.

Also from ZEV are suppressor-height sights, their Pro Trigger, and the Pro Mag Well.

The pointy end of this piece is the KKM barrel and compensator, which is the main reason for its accuracy and soft shooting characteristics.

A Karambit knife from retired Navy SEAL Andrew Arrabito’s Half Face Blades (covered in an earlier RECOIL article) is a custom model, with the addition of a bottle opener cut into the blade, and an elk bone handle made by Andrew from one of Justin’s Idaho mountain hunting scores. Gotta admit that’s pretty classy and adds a personal story to an already individual knife.

The grubby SOE wallet wears a 3×3″ PVC Velcro Backed “OperEno” patch from Youngblood’s company, paying respects to his fur-missile Malinois dog, Eno, who is almost faster than a speeding bullet.

A Blue Force Gear Ten Speed pouch handily tucks away a spare Magpul G17 magazine and a Fenix PD30 torch in its stretchy, “grabby” fabric that keeps things in place until needed. The pouch is in Wolf gray, the Arc’teryx-authorized colorway de jour for low-vis folks.

Glock EDC, Trauma edition


For the diner that is prepared for most bad things, the final Glock setup in this trifecta is somewhere between the first two: not as dressed up, not as stripped down, but critically functional whether you’re shooting — or if you’ve been shot.

Also carried in an Eidelon holster, this Glock 19 sports the popular Clint Lynch-designed magwell (once made by Sentinel Design, now picked up and spun into Raven’s FREYA product line). This gives the shooter that easy to find funnel for speed loading under stress.  Dawson fixed carry sights and a threaded barrel for a suppressor round out the basic modifications. A spare Magpul aftermarket G19 magazine goes along for the ride in a foliage green belt clip Kydex pouch from Veil Solutions.

The Emerson Reliant knife is a solid addition with an easy-opening Wave feature and the tanto blade style. Like many Emerson designs, it’s beefy in a good way, yet compact. Like a little razor-honed crowbar.

The tourniquet is a C.A.T. model from North American Rescue, the official model of the U.S. military, carried in a Eleven-10 RIGID TQ Case, a hard-sided, injection-molded tourniquet case that can be tossed in a bag or clipped on a belt, MOLLE’d to whatever, or latched into some models of Safariland, Blade-Tech, Raven, or Tactical Tailor holsters. It’s a friction-retention setup, so the TQ stays in place until you need it, easily drawn out without buckles, flaps, or external retainers. If you need a tourniquet, that is not the time to be fiddling with QD buckles with wet hands. It’s available in the usual colorways (Black, Ranger Green, Arc'teryx LEAF Wolf Grey, Training Blue, Rescue Orange, or like this one, good old Coyote Tan.

Have a great Monday.

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