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Hands-On: New PHLSter Pro Series

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Today PHLster launches new Pro Series line of holsters. I've gotten handsy with one already and used it for carry, and talked to Jon Hauptman, founder and owner of PHLster.

Right off the bat I was extremely impressed by the design of the Glock 17/19 Pro Series holster. The fit, finish, and features of this holster are ones you would typically see in an injected molded offering. The smooth curves of the holster at crucial contact points aid in the concealability and comfort in multiple carry positions.

PHLster increased the radius of the business end of the holster. This feature helps move the muzzle way from the body while pressing the grip more into the body. In most designs, this is done with a soft wedge attached to the holster, but on the PHLster Pro Series it is integrated into the body. This is also handy in keeping a hot pistol away from things that you would rather not have a hot pistol snuggled up against. This helps dissipate some of the heat associated with repeated live-fire reps.

This holster is designed to be ambidextrous as well as for use as an appendix carry or hip carry holster. It pulls this off with it is symmetrically laid out attachment points and features. Our example Pro Series came with the standard pull the dot soft loops, truck struts, and the DCC Monoblock hardware clips (which can be selected at purchase).

Here is what Hauptman had to say about the development:

The Pro Series is a new holster for us that will have three models at launch. The Glock 19/ 17, the Glock 43/48 and the Sig P320. While the 320 is not the most popular model to release out of the gate, the development for this holster came from a special request from some folks in the military that we using our Skeleton holster, but need some functions that were not offered by that it. We wanted to design a more full featured holster that would work for more people, in more positions, and do it more comfortably.

We have switched to compression forming with this model, instead of vacuum forming which is why the Pro Series is so tight and detailed. Doing so increases the consistency and precision of the manufacturing process.

We really wanted to explore how much you could get away from the shape of the gun, the features ensure that no sharp edges come into contact with the body while increasing the surface area of the holster. Increasing the comfort level and the concealability.

Phlster also partnered up with Will Petty of Centrifuge Training in some of the aspects of the Pro Series. We reached out to Petty and got some of his input:

We have seen through our various agency training courses that they (LEO) need an ambidextrous holster solution with positive retention. It has a lot of features other holsters have, but PHLster wanted something that could be fielded as a UC or concealed carry holster. That could be bought in bulk by LE agencies that would be more modular and adjustable, without have three dozen extra parts. More than 80% of our work is done with LE and we see that the plainclothes guys are really suffering in two areas. The belt and the holsters. We have seen guys come in with a holster in a sock, I kid you not.

We needed something that guys could get on their own. A solution so that agencies could buy a quality holster that could be fielded and issued so agencies wouldn’t have to worry about if their dudes were left-handed or right-handed. Something with repeated manufacturer quality and off the shelf availability.

Using the holster for a few days with the soft loops installed and finding that the ride height/cant made for both easy repeatable access and reholstering. There's a tactile click when locking in. Ten different mounting points give nearly endless options for fine-tuning the ride. With DCC clips and a Dark Star Dark Wing after a few days to see how a more familiar set up felt? Nothing but good things to say.

While marketed for the 19/17, a slightly customized G34 fits snuggly with plenty of red dot clearance. But unfortunately protrudes just a little too far to be comfortable for daily wear. A stock G17 or compensated 9mm should be in the clear.

There are a lot of exciting features on the PHLster Pro Series, and all indicators point to us seeing more models for popular pistols like the P365 in the near future. The adjustability, compatibility, and optic-ready out of the box are excellent, and when the P365 model comes out a P65 XL will live in it.

[You can read more about the PHLster Pro Series here.]

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