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Harvester EVO: The Next Generation from SilencerCo

Quiet Maker for a Game Getter

At the time of this writing, silencers are currently legal to own in 42 states and can be used for hunting in 39 of them. With a suppressor not only are you far less likely to have ringing ears post-shot on game, but nearby animals are less likely to have a reaction to the blast. Your hunting mates (both two- and four-legged) will also appreciate it. But as many have found, the kind of suppressor ideally suited for a CQB carbine is different than one tailor-made for the bush. For hunting we don’t need a silencer that withstands automatic high-pressure shots with steadfast durability; we need a silencer with less weight, decreased size, and good-enough capability.

The Harvester series from SilencerCo was originally released in 2014, and as the name implies, was envisioned as a can for hunting. Years later it remains a solid choice for a sportsman, but SilencerCo wanted to refresh the line. The Harvester EVO was developed with user feedback from the original and the engineers at SilencerCo kept what people liked while addressing common complaints. People loved the weight, performance, and cost of the original Harvester; they didn’t like the length, materials, and available mounts.
The result is a suppressor that’s more of a spiritual successor to the original Harvester rather than an aesthetic one.

Harvester EVO

It’s not uncommon to see lightweight materials like aluminum and titanium in hunting-specific silencers, but you won’t see any of that here. For increased durability SilencerCo used a Cobalt 6 alloy for the blast chamber and baffle, Inconel for rest of the internal stack, with a stainless-steel serialized exterior. The Harvester EVO features a tubeless design, meaning that the baffles are laser-welded together instead of being cased inside a larger tube.
Harvester EVO

When we hear words like “stainless” and “Inconel” our first thought is heavyweight, so imagine our surprise when we learned the Harvester EVO weighs in at a mere 10.6-ounces naked. Along the same lines, the Harvester EVO also has an overall length of just 6.6-inches with a mount so you aren’t adding another foot of brush-and-branch tangler to your already-long hunting rig.

Harvester EVO

All of the most common hunting centerfire cartridges are covered, with some caveats regarding rates of fire and barrel lengths: 5.56MM, .300BLK, .243 WIN, .260 REM, .308 WIN, and up to .300 Winchester Magnum. SilencerCo calls the Harvester EVO “semi-auto rated”, by which they mean a sustained rate of fire of ten rounds a minute or less. If you’re using a howitzer from a helicopter you’ll have to look elsewhere, but for game purposes in North America you’ll be just fine.

The original Harvester used the SilencerCo Alpha mounting system. While there are a ton of Alpha mounts available, importantly the legacy Harvester doesn’t ship with one. this adds to the overall cost for the consumer, and sometimes even layers on some additional weight. For the Harvester EVO SilencerCo not only used their now-universal modular HUB 1.375×24 TPI “Bravo” mounting system but also included two direct-thread mounts (1/2×28 & 5/8×24) in the box.

Harvester EVO disassembled

With more than a dozen companies currently manufacturing mounting solutions for the HUB system, you’ll be able to find a way to mount the Harvester EVO on virtually anything you’d like to use for hunting.

The exact decibel ratings and official OSHA noise ratings will depend on your caliber, barrel length, and physical environment. To our subjective-but-experienced ears, the Harvester EVO brings a 6.5 CM down to comfortable levels both indoors and out. It has a low tone that sounds far better than the size and weight would otherwise indicate.

Not having a modular front cap or integral brake helps keep the machining cost down, and for most hunting calibers it’s probably an unneeded feature. People using the Harvester EVO for 5.56mm are the most likely to miss this feature, but this isn’t a can for a carbine class or active conflict.

Though this silencer was made to maximize your hunt, it’s not the only role the Harvester EVO can hold. It sounds exceptionally well paired with a semiauto .300blk shorty, and the rates of fire are well within the lateral limits of all forms of precision rifle shooting. Solid Choice.

Harvester EVO

Make: SilencerCo
Model: Harvester EVO
Weight: 10.6-ounces
OAL: 6.24-inches
Mounting System: Modular HUB 1.375×24 TPI / SilencerCo Bravo
Caliber Rating: Up to .300 Winchester Magnum
Included Mounts: Direct Thread (1/2×28 & 5/8×24)
MSRP: $680

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