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JSTARK1809 Tribute: The Patron Saint of 3D Printed Guns

While the majority of gun owners purchase their firearms through normal channels like Gun Shops, Private sales, or Gun shows, there is a group of people who shun the normal route and manufacture their own weapons. This is the story of one man’s obsession with freedom, and he goes by JStark1809. 


Using the Nom de Guerre JStark1809, the man was a 3D printing weapons designer based in Germany and the force behind the 3D printed FGC-9 introduced in early 2020. Recently JStark1809 released plans for the newer upgraded FGC-9 MKII. In a 26-minute video put out by the Popular Front in November 2020 entitled “Plastic Defence: Secret 3D Printed guns in Europe.” Which to date has 2.3 million views, JStark1809 explains his work and the methods behind it.  

FGC9 Lower

“Im of the opinion that to bear firearms is a human right. The government or the entity that has rule over you has an executive force. The police, the military – they have firearms. To be able to escape that injustice, they [citizens] need to have the same force on an individual level as the executive force of the government entity that is ruling over them.” So this is my ideological reasoning. A different reason as to why I am risking everything to be able to own and bear firearms… is because im extremely enthusiastic about them.


JStark1809 was known for his FGC-9 3D Printed pistol. The Etymology behind the gun is F**k Gun Control and 9 for 9mm. Earlier in 2021, JStark1809 released plans with many upgrades to the original design. The MK2 is a hybrid semi-automatic pistol based on the Shuty AP-9. JStark1809 wanted to create a pistol that could be built with parts and techniques available in Europe. 

FGC-9 MkII New Upgrades

Some of the MK2’s upgraded features include: 

  • A homemade barrel produced via electrochemical machining
  • Use of standard Glock Mags or 3D printed Glock mags.
  • Upgrade documentation that would allow easier construction of the gun
  • Changing the charging handle to the MP-5 style.
  • A bolt design that could be manufactured with or without welding.

The plans for the FGC-9 can be downloaded at


JStark1809 was a founding member and part of Deterrence Dispensed. A decentralized network of 3D printers with over 10,000 members. 


The German magazine, Der Spiegel, interviewed Jstark1809 in April of 2021 for an article involving 3d printed guns and political extremism. Germany has very strict gun control laws. Gun owners are required to have a Firearms Owner I.D. card, then they require a Firearms license to purchase any firearms,  Ammunition is regulated, and purchases are logged in after presenting your Firearms I.D. Card.  The firearms must be kept in an approved weapons safe which is subject to Polizei inspection at any time.  The owner must submit to a psychological exam as well. 

FGC-9 Components


In June 2021, The Spezial Einsatz Kommando (SEK) unit aka SWAT team conducted a search warrant on Jacobs apartment and found a 3D printer, multiple burner phones, but no weapons. Jacob was a free man.


On October 8th, 2021 Der Spiegel magazine reported that JStark1809 was found 2 days after the raid, seated in his car, dead.  Initially, Law Enforcement stated that no cause of death could be established. There were no signs of trauma indicating murder or suicide. Later investigators claimed that JStark1809 had a previously unknown heart condition, and his death was likely caused by the stress of his illegal activities. German authorities are concerned that the announcement of JStark’s death will launch conspiracy theories and give him martyr status.

FGC-9 firing

Some people would call JStark1809 a criminal, some would call him a hero. While it is legal for American citizens to build weapons for their own personal use, it starts with “criminals” like JStark1809 and ends with regular folks. earlier this year the ATF moved to redefine firearms, specifically going after Ghost Guns, or home-built firearms.


The outpouring of condolences about JStark are flooding the internet chat rooms and YouTube. The members of deterrence dispensed are continuing their work and building the FGC-9, the Liberator pistol, and other designs available in the name of freedom.

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