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RECOILtv NRA 2017: Lantac AR Accessories

RECOILtv NRA 2017: Lantac AR Accessories

While hardware might not be the most interesting thing to read about, it can make the difference between a functional firearm and a headache. We stopped by to hear what Lantac USA had cooking at NRA Atlanta 2017 and got to check out their ratcheting end plate system and new takedown pins. This end plate will fit any Mil-spec AR-15 and the castle nut is ratcheted to eliminate the need for it to be staked into place. The new titanium and steel pivot pins have a larger hole to push the pin and detent down and partially insert the pin to keep them from slipping and flying off into obscurity. Using innovative parts like these will keep your AR assembly and disassembly from becoming a pain.

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