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National Association for Gun Rights Gives Away a Ferret MK 2/3

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No, the Police Didn’t Get Themselves an RV, but the National Association for Gun Rights Decided Someone Should be Able to Win Their Very Own Ferret MK 2/3

Editor's Note: This contest is now over, since this article ran in the print issue of RECOIL.

Back in Issue 48 of RECOIL, we showed you Rodney Dial’s personal APC — proof that the average citizen can (and should) be able to own a military vehicle. Since many of us can’t afford to come out of pocket for an Alvis Saracen or Oshkosh JLTV, the good folks at the National Association for Gun Rights felt it incumbent on themselves to give the average citizen a chance to be the proud owner of a 1959 Ferret Mk 2/3. That’s right! This lovely old girl could is now sitting in someone's driveway, while their electric-car-driving neighbors can only look on with envy.

If you’re not familiar with the National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR), CEO Dudley Brown describes the 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization as follows: “We do what you really wish the NRA had done and now know they’re definitely not doing. We work on federal and state issues, and if you’ve seen the spread of constitutional carry, permitless carry, or open carry around the country, that’s us.” With over 4.5-million members, that message seems to be resonating with a lot of people who expect their donations be spent directly on gun rights issues.

“In 2013, after the Sandy Hook fight, we saw two bipartisan gun-control bills being ushered in by NRA A-rated politicians that went down in defeat. Obama was denied what everyone thought was going to be a victory for them. Our organization made that possible,” says Brown. “We spent twice as much as all other gun groups combined in the filings you have to do with the federal government for a federal lobbying organization. If I raise money, I damn well want to use it for what people gave it for.”

The Ferret Armoured Scout Car is all British, from the headsets and radios to the essential tea brewing kit canister. Who doesn’t want to have this mobile fighting platform in their driveway? Driving the Ferret isn’t a cakewalk — here NAGR’s leader Dudley Brown is shown driving it with a steering wheel that's essentially upside down.

Although they’re no strangers to giveaways to promote their cause, NAGR decided to do something a little out of the ordinary from the typical gun and Jeep sweepstakes they’ve done in the past — something road worthy yet uniquely tactical. With a little help from Cold War Remarketing, they located a Ferret in the UK and had it shipped over. Aside from being festooned with its British military markings, it came with helmets, bags, camo netting, tools, and virtually all the original accoutrements one could expect from a vehicle of this ilk. If Jay Leno sees fit to own a Ferret, its appeal is self-explanatory. 

If you win, tell your spouse you’re bringing home a Rolls-Royce two-seater.

We know you’re wondering about the turret. The original Browning 1919 is no longer there due to international regulations, but don’t fret. It’s been replaced with a belt-fed 7.62×51 NATO version. “Hey, we’re not some Gucci loafer-wearing lobbyist group. We like to shoot things,” says Brown. 

With a rotating turret, armor that stops up to .50-cal armor-piercing rounds, a belt-fed semi-auto 7.62mm NATO M1919, and smoke launchers, you can call it what you want, but we call it a tank.

The original smoke-grenade launchers had to be removed as well; however, they’ve been rewelded back on to maintain the period-correct aesthetic. We can’t confirm or deny if the lucky recipient could come up with a way to configure those tubes to fire aerial flares or those Estes rockets many of us enjoyed shooting off at Cub Scout events. We’ll leave it to you to experiment with that idea. 

Does your HOA have a crime watch plan? We think this is the ultimate “Antifa be good” vehicle.

A checklist of the startup procedures needed to bring it to life was provided, since it’s not the standard turnkey affair you might be expecting. It still sports the original Rolls-Royce I6 petrol engine, five-speed trans, and four-wheel-drive capabilities. And yes, it can use all five speeds in reverse as well. Although it won’t win any land-speed records, tipping the scales around 3.7 tons, Brown is the first to admit that you can’t drive it without giggling and getting a lot of approving waves from passersby. What other group can you think of that’d give you the opportunity to win a retired tank? OK … for the aficionados out there we know it’s technically a reconnaissance vehicle.  

This vehicle is being “exercised” at NAGR’s private shooting range.

So what’s it cost to enter to win this British bulldog? Nada. It’s free — all you have to do is sign up on the link you see on the opening page of this article. Enter as many times as you want; the drawing will be held in February 2022. There’s a cash equivalent prize if your local regulations would prevent you from taking possession of the vehicle (we suggest you explore those laws beforehand). Why did they call it “the Heavy Metal Giveaway”? First, it’s a lot of heavy damn metal. And although it has no stereo, it would be wholly appropriate to blast Iron Maiden out of a large speaker when driving this down the road. It should be noted, however, that any entrant’s plans to photograph Michael Dukakis riding around on the Ferret will result in immediate revocation of entries, disbarment from any future contests, and involuntary commitment to the nearest psychiatric facility. 

1959 Ferret Mk 2/3

National Association for Gun Rights


Check Out this Video to Learn More About the Heavy Metal Giveaway.

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