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New MP5 Drum Mag: PMAG D50 MP

Whether you're looking to recreate something from Escape from Tarkov, or you've gone down the HK rabbit hole and are looking for more capacity, the new Magpul PMAG D50 MP brings reliable capacity to one of the world's most iconic firearms. The MP5 has long shown its merits, and while it has seen decades of use, Magpul's new MP5 Drum Mag breathes new life into an already respected platform.

Read the official release of the PMAG D50 MP:

Magpul PMAG D50 MP bullets


Lightweight but incredibly strong, our PMAG D50 MP is a highly reliable, 9x19mm Parabellum, 50-round drum magazine for HK94/MP5 large-format pistols and pistol caliber carbines.

The PMAG D-50 MP boasts many of the proven features of our other 9mm drums, the PMAG D-50® GL9® – PCC and the PMAG D-50® EV9™ – CZ Scorpion® EVO 3. Providing 50-round capacity, the unique drum configuration keeps the height of the magazine manageable, allowing for prone firing and easier storage. For easy loading, it includes a ratcheting loading lever that removes tension from the internal spring.

To keep track of your available firepower, we’ve included a rounds-remaining rear window, a high-visibility follower and a capacity indication roller.  And like our other drum magazines, the PMAG D50 MP is easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance.

Made in the USA.


PMAG D50 MP Features

  • 50-round capacity
  • Next-generation impact and crush-resistant polymer construction
  • Robust stainless internals withstand corrosion and long-term storage while loaded with no loss of function, spring fatigue, or reliability concerns
  • Ratcheting lever for ease of loading
  • Easy disassembly for cleaning and maintenance
  • High-visibility follower and rounds-remaining window
  • Paint Pen Dot Matrix


  • HK94/MP5 pattern large-format pistols and pistol caliber carbines


Unloaded Weight: 16.4 ounces
Height: 6.9″
Width: 4.2″
Depth: 2.6″

 Colors: BLK

 Price: $119.95

PMAG D50 MP mp5 drum mag

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  1. PennyRoyal says:

    I’m even more interested in what looks to be a folding adapter for an SL-K in the first image. A later-this-week preview, maybe?

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  • I'm even more interested in what looks to be a folding adapter for an SL-K in the first image. A later-this-week preview, maybe?

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