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Salient Arms International Beefs up the Mossberg 930

Ever since the days of the blunderbuss in the 17th century, soldiers, lawmen, hunters, sportsmen, and citizens have enjoyed the multifaceted shotgun. It’s a venerable, versatile, and fearsome weapon system. Many refer to it as the “thinking man’s” weapon. With birdshot, it can bring down game and clay birds. With buck and slugs, it can take out larger game or defend against the most dangerous two-legged kind.

Salient Arms International wants to take this weapon and push the envelope, so it’s teaming up with Mossberg to not only give the latter company’s line of 930 shotguns a facelift, but also revamp it from the inside out.

Salient burst onto the scene a couple of years ago and, after regrouping earlier this year, is expanding aggressively with more product lines and a passionate focus on the business from owners Adrian and Aaron Chavez. The brothers explain that their objective is to produce cutting-edge firearms that optimize performance without sacrificing reliability and the core strengths and characteristics of any particular weapon system. Salient looks to put out high-performance versions of popular firearms that are so polished that they could be offered by the manufacturer itself. Salient’s relationship with Mossberg is an example of this philosophy.

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