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Cook Without Being Seen

Whether you’re stuck in a SHTF situation or simply on vacation in the great outdoors, the ability to cook, sterilize water, stay warm, and signal are essential for survival. Building a simple campfire can accomplish those tasks but at the cost of time, effort, and concealment. One must gather the required materials to not only start but sustain a fire and, depending on weather conditions, to find a dry area to build the fire. Once built, however, nothing says, “Hey, I’m here!” like an open fire in the middle of nowhere.

Survival isn’t just fire, food, water, and shelter, but concealment, too. The best way to stay out of potential harm is to not attract attention from bad guys or roving animals in the first place. How does one have fire at their disposal without attracting attention? The answer is a StoveTec rocket stove.

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