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RECOIL Magazine Issue 50

Well, we made it. This issue marks the 50th time we’ve sent RECOIL out to newsstands, and the occasion of our half century is a good time to reflect on the changes we’ve seen. When we first launched, there was nothing else like it in the market — since then, we attracted a few imitators, most of whom for various reasons have folded their tents. This business is tough, and a good idea without dogged determination and a team that’s dedicated to seeing things through to the bitter end is a great way to lose a lot of money. I regard myself as being particularly blessed with a crew who not only are the best in the business, but who actually live this lifestyle rather than just writing about it and collecting a paycheck. Hopefully, it shows in the quality of work you see in these pages.

The media landscape is continually changing, and anyone who says they know where we’ll be next year is likely to be dead wrong. We’re currently dealing with slow, and seemingly inexorable, corporate censorship of the Second Amendment community, whether it’s via social media platforms, selective search results, or grocery stores deciding what goes on the cover of a magazine. We’re pushing back with strategies of our own, but we need your help, so here’s what you can do to counterpunch.

If you haven’t already, please follow us on social media, turn on notifications, and share our posts to your own network. Like most firearms media, we’re throttled in terms of reach, and this will help get the message past the censors. Secondly, if you’ve picked up this copy of RECOIL at the newsstand, consider subscribing — the number of retail outlets carrying our flag continues to shrink, and one day you might reach for the magazine on the shelf, only to find the shelf itself isn’t there. Third, please visit us regularly at, where you’ll find a ton of great content and video that doesn’t appear in print.

And finally, when you’ve read this issue, pass it along to a buddy. We all know that there’s a multisensory experience associated with printed material that can’t be replicated online, and there’s nothing quite like disconnecting, pouring yourself a well-earned beverage, and enjoying a good read without being interrupted by someone emailing or texting you, so share the experience with someone who might appreciate it. Just make sure you get your copy back …

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