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RECOILtv NRA 2017: Armageddon Gear Gun and Suppressor Cases

RECOILtv NRA 2017: Armageddon Gear Gun and Suppressor Cases

You may recognize this ambulance sitting on the NRA Atlanta 2017 show floor. That's because it belongs to the fine folks at Armageddon Gear. We were able to pull aside Tom Fuller to pick his brain about some new offerings. Since we're seeing suppressors galore this year, it's nice to know there's someone out there making cases that'll help us quit burning our hands or melting our car seats. The Armageddon Gear Hot Pocket suppressor case is Kevlar lined with carbon-fiber felt, great for thermal insulation. They also offer a 58-inch case, made for a precision rifle with a suppressor that has plenty of space for accessories for under $150 with a lifetime warranty. A new 35-inch carbine case will retail for under $100, so we're sure there's something for everyone looking to get their firearms covered.

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