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RECOILtv NRA 2017: SecureIt Model 52 Gun Safe

RECOILtv NRA 2017: SecureIt Model 52 Gun Safe

There's a whole cavalcade of considerations that go into selecting a gun safe: size, weight, aesthetics, modularity, internal components, etc. Most of us are used to making our guns work with a safe's design, instead of looking for a safe that can work with our guns. At NRA Atlanta 2017 we talked with SecureIt about how their Model 52 works to solve some of the most common problems. Its design is light, easy to assemble, and eliminates the problems that can come from drywall and carpeted safe interiors. The Cradle Grid system helps keep things organized and works to secure and accommodate some of the most common accessories your firearms have. Check it out as we give you a tour of these unique features.

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