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SilencerCo Uses Primitive Weapon to Make Suppressor Ownership Legal in All 50 States

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Suppressor sales have been noticeably slow over the past few seasons. We'll chalk the slump up to the assumption that people are waiting for the Hearing Protection Act (now part of the SHARE Act) to pass, eliminating wait times and the $200 tax stamp. As America waits to see if Congress will effectively repeal portions of the National Firearms Act, SilencerCo figured out a way for every American, in all 50 states, to legally own a suppressed gun; and with a few exceptions, without even filing a shred of paperwork.

SilencerCo presents the integrally suppressed Maxim 50 muzzleloader. This primitive weapon fills the need for anyone who has wanted to own a suppressor, but can't, due to state law.

Maxim50 1

Owning a muzzleloader might sound like something for grandpa- it doesn't align with current trends of semi-auto or precision rifle enthusiasts. Muzzleloaders are unique in their classification by the BATFE as antique firearms. Thanks to that definition, muzzleloaders are legal in all 50 states.

Hunting with a muzzleloader is legal in most states that are considered, “shotgun only” states, meaning states where hunters cannot use a breech-loading rifle. And, hunting with a muzzleloader usually allows for more days of hunting than regular rifle seasons. For more information on hunting regulations, by state, check out

Maxim 50 3

To top off those benefits of owning a muzzleloader, SilencerCo implemented an integrated suppressor. This characteristic is thanks to the tedious legal research performed by SilencerCo employees in an effort to create a product allowing suppressor ownership throughout the USA.

Maxim 50 2

From SilencerCo:

“The BATFE defines a silencer as a “device for silencing, muffling, or diminishing the report of a portable firearm… ”  By that definition, a silencer is only a silencer if it can attach to a firearm. The Maxim 50 is built on the base of a Traditions™ Vortek Strikerfire Muzzleloader. For those who know muzzleloaders, you’ll also know that they are not considered firearms by the BATFE but are instead antique firearms, a definition and difference that is very distinct. Because of this, a moderator that is permanently affixed to a muzzleloader is not legally defined as a silencer, since it does not attach to a firearm. With this realization, the Maxim 50 was born.”

“It took a lot of creativity to arrive at this solution,” said Josh Waldron, SilencerCo CEO and Co-Founder. “We have been working on this product for three years, with most of that time spent waiting on a determination from the Technology Branch of the BATFE as to how this product would be classified. As soon as we received official word that it wouldn’t be considered or regulated as a silencer, we got to work on bringing the Maxim 50 to customers across the country.”

  • Caliber: .50
  • Muzzle Average: 139dB
  • Rate-Of-Twist: 1:28 inches
  • Length:
  • Overall Length: 45 inches
  • Barrel Length: 20 inches
  • Moderator Length: 9 inches
  • Weight: 7 pounds 6 ounces
  • #209 Shotgun Ignition System
  • 2 Stage Competition Trigger; set at 2 pounds
  • Price: $999

To learn more about the Maxim 50, go to

Editor's note: Due to state laws in New Jersey, California, and Massachusetts, SilencerCo has issued a statement in reference to SilencerCo's integrally suppressed  Maxim 50. Even though the Maxim 50 is federally legal, as per the response from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, ongoing investigation is needed to determine if it is legal by state laws in NJ, CA, and MA. Read the official statement from SilencerCo:

“Upon launching the Maxim 50, SilencerCo received several immediate legal challenges from authorities and lawyers in the states of New Jersey, California, and Massachusetts. Since we have no desire to place any consumer in a situation where they may get arrested and charged with a felony because their state defines a firearm differently than the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE), we have placed orders from those states on hold and are refunding customers pending conversations amongst lawyers. These three states have rules that are not entirely clear with respect to firearms and silencers and antique firearms, and it is relevant to point out that no states contemplated a product of this sort in their laws. 

SilencerCo asked for and received a determination from the BATFE on behalf of the federal government prior to launch but could not do so officially from each state government or risk specific state-level legislation being passed prohibiting the product before it was even launched. We will refund orders to customers from these states and update consumers as soon as feasible as to the ultimate determination in California, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.
We believe that law­abiding citizens should have the ability to purchase and own silencers, regardless of what state they live in. We will continue our efforts in advocacy and encourage all who share our desire to take action and contact their elected representatives by visiting “

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