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TangoDown Opens the SIG P320 to the Aimpoint ACRO

Those making their first dive into mounting a red dot sight on a handgun quickly learn to check if their choices are compatible with one another. Some handguns prefer this or that MRDS footprint, and when new optics come about, often a smaller manufacturer will be the first to release a part to fill a gap. The SIG P320, the base for the Army's newest handgun of choice, and popular EDC firearm, can now accept the robust Aimpoint ACRO, thanks to TangoDown.

tangodown SSM-02

This comes just in time as Aimpoint has released the updated version of their enclosed ACRO red dot sight. The SIG P320 X-series has made strides to continue to expand the platform's red-dot integration, and the TangoDown SSM-02 adds the ACRO to compete with SIG's own Romeo 2.


The TangoDown plate secures the MRDS to the slide, and includes a dovetail section to add backup iron sights if the shooter so desires.

For TangoDown's Press Release:

TangoDown® Inc. is pleased to announce another SIG Sauer® P320 compatible product.  Introducing the TD® ACRO® Mount for SIG Sauer® P320 Models (SSM-02).  The SSM-02 offers a dove tail to allow for appropriate backup iron sights (available separately).  Whether you are using your P320 for competition, EDC, or duty, the Aimpoint® ACRO® combined with the SSM-02 will be a fantastic combination.

The SSM-02 is made from ordnance grade steel with a rust-resistant Melonite finish.  Mounting fasteners are supplied and have a Vibra-Tite VC-3 thread locking compound pre-applied.

**Please read installation instructions prior to installing.  If you are not familiar with modifying your firearms, seek appropriate assistance from a certified Armorer or Gunsmith.

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