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The New Glock 45 Leaked… and It’s Not A .45 ACP …

The New Glock 45 Leaked

The new Glock 45 was leaked almost a week ago by the German Caliber magazine operated by, a subsidiary of VS Medien GmbH.

RECOIL was tipped off to the leak by Firearm Rack's post covering the leaked Glock 45 that also covered more leaked models like the Gen5 Glock 17 MOS that have been confirmed to be real.

It appears that the October digital issue of Caliber Magazine was uploaded to the digital publishing site Issue on September 17th, 2018. The release date for the new Glock 45 is presumably the rumored launch date of 24th of September.

Caliber Magazine

Inside the front cover of Caliber Magazine's October digital issue, we find an advertisement for the new Glock 45 that we assume was not supposed to be distributed online or on newsstands until the release date.

Glock 45 Leak

Blowing the advertisement up a bit further, it is quite clear that the new Glock 45 is an all-black version of the Glock 19X with some slight changes to the design. You remember the 19X that we “fixed” right?

Since you probably don't read German either, here is a translation of the text in the box.

The G45 in 9×19, like the G19X, specially developed for military requests, combines the compact closure of a G19 with the full size grip of a G17. The G45 features the features of a Gen5 pistol model and the proven GLOCK Safe Action System. More information can be found at


The new Glock 45 features the same bevel that the rest of the Gen5 Glock lineup incorporates, interestingly it appears that the frame is also beveled. The slide also features what appear to be the same style forward serrations as the summer specials we saw last year.

Glock has also finished the slide in the same nDLC finish found on the rest of the Gen5 lineup. Another feature that we found interesting is the accessory rail appears to be Picittany rail compliant.

Glock 45 Forward serrations

Glock also added the Gen5 magazine well and removed the toe that was found on the Glock 19X. The Glock 45 also appears to use the same mag release found on other standard line Gen5 Glocks.

Glock 45 Grip

As soon as we receive official word about the pistols that Glock intends to release on 24th of September, expect to see a follow-up post here on RECOIL. While we can't say that this is, in fact, a new model for US consumption, it sure lines up with the release timeline.

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