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The New PHLster Floodlight Holster | One Holster To Rule Them All

The new PHLster Floodlight holster was quietly announced on the PHLster Instagram page yesterday. The new ambidextrous holster should give legally armed concealed carriers close to the same feel as the highly regarded Spotlight holster with the ability to run dozens of different firearms.


So how did Jon and Andrew of Henry Holsters design a holster that accommodates more than one type of pistol while still providing the stability that folks have come to expect from a holster?

The holster has a unique shock cord closure along the sight channel that provides adjustment when inserting a gun with a thicker slide preventing the gun from rattling around in the holster.

Retention of the pistol is accomplished with traditional screws clamping the body of a Surefire X300 Ultra A or B model. The use of screws allows the retention level to be set to the individual user's preference.


PHLster includes both Pull-The-Dot soft loops as well as belt clips allowing you to set the holster up for either attachment method. A ModWing is also included with the holster and will rotate the gun so that the grip is tucked into the body combating printing.

While the Floodlight does not include an integrated wedge, one can be added on the flat portion on the body side of the holster to help combat the grip of the gun being kicked out by your stomach.


I know it was mentioned previously, but the Floodlight is lefty compatible, unlike the Spotlight which should make all the southpaws out there happy. PHLster ensured that when a lefty sets up their holster they will have all the attachment options and the functionality of the ModWing like right-handed users enjoy.

The Floodlight is also compatible with the PHLster Flex system, you can read more about the Flex HERE.


The new PHLster Floodlight will run you $119 as shown.  If you are looking to pair the Floodlight with the PHLster Flex, they are offering ready to go packages starting at $142.05 for just the Flex and the Floodlight holster.

The PHLster Floodlight will be available for purchase today, you can find the PHLster Floodlight product page HERE, Flex packages HERE, the Flex Large packages HERE, or browse the rest of the PHLster lineup HERE.

More from PHLster:

The Floodlight is a universalized holster, made to accept nearly any service-grade pistol capable of attaching an X300U A or B weapon light.

To accomplish this, many features are smoothed, radiused, and regularized to accommodate the different shapes, sizes, and dimensions of this wide array of firearms.

Like the Spotlight holster, adjustable retention is included, allowing the user to increase or decrease the friction retention on the body of the WML to tune the draw to their preference. Turn the screws attaching the ModWing grip-tucking hardware to dial the retention to your preference.

In order to ensure the best possible fit and retention across the widest variety of pistols, the Floodlight is a two-piece design, like the Skeleton holster, but features adjustable slide contact. But shortening or lengthening the shock cord connected the two halves, users can reduce or eliminate play, rattle, and slop when switching between guns that have different slide dimensions.

The Floodlight, like the Skeleton, is ambidextrous and can be worn AIWB or strong-side IWB, using either soft loops or clips (included). Reduced, lower-profile ergonomic molding improves comfort in a variety of carry positions and provides an ideal attachment point for your choice of aftermarket ergonomic wedge or DIY solution.

Like all of our holsters, the Floodlight accommodates muzzle devices, suppressor height sights, and slide-mounted optics.

The Floodlight confirmed fit list is as follows:

  • 1911 and 2011 pistols
  • Glock 19/17/34 (and .40 and .357 variants)
  • S&W M&P and SD series pistols
  • HK VP9, VP40, and P30
  • FN 509 and FNS
  • CZ P10, P07, P09, 75 SP01
  • Sig P226, 229, 220, and P320
  • Walther PPQ (any gen)
  • Polymer 80
  • Beretta 92, M9, PX4, APX
  • XD and XDM

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