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White House to Move Against Braces, 80% Lowers

We knew something was going to come out of the current administration regarding guns, but the presser released last night is more telling than we expected. Leading with a nice bit of race-baiting, they go on to unintentionally point out that the vast majority of homicides occur in locations with gun control laws which epitomize the petty fascist wet dreams of whoever has their hand up Biden's arse this week. Then, they launch straight into an attack on DIY firearms and braced pistols. 

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An excerpt from the April 7, 2021 statement from

Before we go too far, it might be worth bringing up a bit of historical context. The National Firearms Act of 1934 originally sought to eliminate handgun ownership amongst the peons by subjecting them to the same punitive $200 transfer tax as machine guns and suppressors. Bear in mind, this was during a period when Congress actually took notice of the Constitution, so they figured that banning inanimate objects in private hands would go against their oath of office and might get them tarred and feathered. Instead, they exercised powers of taxation and slapped on a fee calculated to price them out of the range of the hoi polloi. To stop economy-minded individuals from simply cutting down a rifle or shotgun to handgun dimensions and calling it good, minimum barrel length rules were included.

Using the well-developed sense of survival common to most verminous species, the politicians of the day figured that the effective handgun ban wouldn't fly and they'd wind up out of office and have to get real jobs. So the handgun portion of the NFA was redlined, but the barrel length restrictions on long guns, despite being irrelevant, were left in. And that, my brothers and sisters, is how we got saddled with the bullshit that is the NFA.


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A Healthy Reminder from the Government

Building your own firearm has a long and honorable history in the US. It remains legal to do so, and we're going to enjoy seeing the Biden administration contort itself into knots to try and address the issue of when a firearm magically transmutes from a paperweight into a baby-killing ‘ghost gun'. Especially when the precedent has been established for years. 80% receivers are now illegal? Hmm, here's a 79% receiver, and here's a 2×8, I can make an AR out of either.

The ATF held a virtual town hall with industry reps on the 28th of March, probing for opinions as to which firearm parts should be serialized next, in order to make life more difficult for the law-abiding. Quite apart from the massive logistical undertaking this would entail, I'm not sure they factored in the massive ‘fuck you' factor this would engender in the law-abiding community. It now appears they've settled on making felons of anyone who has an arm brace on a pistol, justifying their decision by way of the fact that the alleged murderer in the recent Boulder shooting had a braced AR. Apparently, making braces illegal would have caused the murderer to reconsider his actions, because adding a federal firearm charge to 10 counts of homicide, well, you can fill in the blanks, because you're a functioning human with powers of inductive and deductive reasoning.

The thing is, people bought braces in order to comply with a ridiculous law. Take that mechanism for compliance away, and guess what happens?

It looks like this will be a long three years. Lift, run, read, train, speak to and support your fellow gun owners. Take a neighbor or colleague shooting. Point and laugh at shitbird politicians and their useful idiots, and completely ostracize any law enforcement officer who would seek to infringe on the rights of otherwise law-abiding citizens. The government wants weak, compliant tax units. Be a strong, independent human. Think for yourself, and remember, this country was founded on resistance.

Let's Talk About Censorship, Braces, and 80% Lowers

10 responses to “White House to Move Against Braces, 80% Lowers”

  1. Jo Welks says:

    An unconstitutional act is not law it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it never been passed.

    “All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void.” (Marbury vs.Madison, 1803.)

  2. Bruin says:

    Living in England and unable to escape I look in envy at you guys over there. Don’t let the dickless asshats have their way.
    Take note of what happened here, a fucking Orwellian nightmare.
    Ian, good luck.

  3. Robert Shelton says:

    Shall not be infringed….

  4. Paul J Comp says:

    Off to court.

  5. Jim says:

    As the donkey farmer said to the person trying to take away his donkeys….”Bite my ASS”.

  6. Alllens says:

    Well if they just want to pass another law that is unenforceable (against criminals anyway), all they really need to do is make it illegal to commit any crime with a gun without a serial number.

    How has law enforcement dealt with guns for decades from which the serial number has been removed? Seems like this is more a politician mental problem than a law enforcement problem.

    I’d say if you can turn an 80% receiver into a functional gun in 30 minutes, you probably have the equipment and knowledge to be well on your way to building your own guns without the kits.

  7. 2WarAbnVet says:

    As much as the Democrats hate it, the Constitution is still the Law of the Land.
    Executive Orders, however, are not!
    When they contravene the Constitution, they must be deemed illegal.

  8. GomeznSA says:

    ‘gun control’ is coming – it is already here. Has been since jim crow laws, even further if ya wanna count the redcoats trying to seize arms at Lexington & Concord.
    It has been on a federal level since ’34.
    I’ll wait to see a lawsuit regarding violations of the ADA should the brace thing get approved.
    And never mind that little ex post facto thing in the Constitution……………

  9. Doc says:

    The article brought up some very good points and an outstanding perspective. Every since the NFA was passed the road to total gun control started down by the government of this country. I would even argue that it set the frame work registration and eventual Confiscation. It is an incremental steps that lead to the above end game. They take their time, using each tragedy or scare, to take that next little step. They are playing the long game and they are patient, so must we always be on guard and not give up one more damn inch.

  10. Brian says:

    Speak at a house and senate session in your state whenever possible.

    Give money to organizations with track records of successful legal wins.

    Vote locally and nationally, because your states sh!t floats to the top.

    It’s easy to be negative and give up, but that’s how the prohibitionists win: apathy and perceived defeat.

    Being vocal about self protection and the constitutional right to take anothers life in self defense is f’ing hard. But a LOT of people agree and numbers win.

    Become a Democrat in your area and go right into the belly of the beast to influence change. It’s of less use preaching to the like minded, and how you vote vs. what party you influence isn’t the sane thing. Be smart, patient and careful in changing minds. It takes time, but it works.

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