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New CZ P-10M Single Stack 9mm & You Can’t Have It

It seems that most gun buyers are clambering for a single stack micro 9mm pistol for daily carry use. Now there's a new option on the market that you can't have, the CZ P-10M.

Why can't you have it? The pistol doesn't meet the number of points that it needs to be imported to the US with only 51 points (if we're generous) out of the required 75 points.

Could CZ-USA make the P-10M importable? Sure, but they would need to add a firing pin block, click adjustable target sights, target trigger, and either 2 more ounces to the unloaded weight or another 1/2-inch of length.

CZ P-10M

The new pistol looks to be a direct competitor with the older Glock 43 in terms of capacity with a 7 round magazine. Sadly, the P-10M doesn't quite have the magazine capacity to go toe to toe with some of the higher capacity micro 9 pistols like the SIG P365 or the Springfield Armory Hellcat.

Interestingly, the new CZ P-10M isn't a scaled-down copy of the popular P-10 series. The more you look at the pistol, the more it seems that the new blaster is an all-new model that shares some features with its wider double stack cousins.

CZ P-10M

Something that stood out to us as soon as we saw photos of the new CZ P-10M was the lack of an external slide release.

You can see the shooters in the promo video using the overhand power stroke method to get the pistol gassed back up after running to slide lock.

CZ also appears to have removed the firing pin block as seen in the comparison video on the Centrum Walzel YouTube channel. It isn't clear right now if CZ's engineers found another way to block the firing pin or if they are relying on springs to keep the firing pin from impacting the primer.

Other changes made their way into the P-10M that we suspect were needed to slim the pistol down to where CZ wanted. The Glock-like slide lock (A.K.A. the takedown bar) is now gone, replaced by a non-captive pin you need to push out of the frame with a punch to remove the slide.

CZ P-10M


It appears that the trigger mechanism may have changed from the well known CZ P-10 double-stack pistols just a touch with a revised trigger shoe and a stamped trigger bar similar to a Glock.

CZ P-10M Specs:

  • Height/width/length – 112×25,5×160,5 mm
  • Barrel length – 85 mm
  • Weight – 0,57 kg
  • Caliber – 9×19
  • Magazine capacity – 7  (9×19)
  • Sights – Luminescent
  • Trigger – SFDA
  • Frame – Highly durable polymer
  • Safety features – Trigger safety (drop safety)
  • Size – Micro

So how much is the new pistol going to cost? Who knows… it doesn't matter anyhow since we can't buy one here.

Head over to the CZ website to gawk more at the pistol you can't have.

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