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New OSS Pistol Silencers: RAD 9 & RAD 45

At the Total Recon event in put on by Triarc Systems and Texas Gun Experience, OSS Suppressors was on-hand to show us a sneak peak of their new pistol silencers. Dubbed the OSS RAD 9 and RAD 45, these pistol silencers feature a combination of the “flow-through” technology featured in their rifle silencers and some more traditional baffles.
0ss rad 9 and rad 45
The additional baffles are added because tilt-barrel pistols require *some* backpressure in order to properly function. Additionally some forward-pressure against the front of the silencer is pivotal to the booster assembly successfully decoupling the weight of the silencer to allow cycling.

We've all seen modular silencers before, and the RAD 9 and RAD 45 are no different. Each features a two-piece design, with the 45 being longer than the 9mm for reasons which undoubtledy are obvious.
oss rad 45 internals
With a direct-thread mount and in Kurz configuration, the OSS RAD 9 is only a tenth of an ounce heavier than their .22LR silencer. Though the RAD 9 is much fatter at 1.375-inches, the overall length is similar.

The short-bodies and baffles are all titanium, but the extension tubes used for full-length are aluminum. What this boils down to is that if you're playing with supersonic 300blk, you'd do well to only do so in the K setup. Subsonic should be OK at any length.
rad 9 baffles
The RAD 9 and RAD 45 share pistons with SilencerCo, Rugged, Griffin Armament, and the Dead Air Odessa. This also means they should be compatible with the Griffin Armament QD piston system if fast on/fast off is a featureset you require or desire. Each OSS piston features wrench flats allowing you to properly torque them on a pistol without worry of loosening.

A pair of tools come with each Rad silencer and they can be used to tighten or remove the piston itself, rear housing assembly, and the endcaps.

Though it's not a feature that OSS is putting out into the wild, the same $.25 wipe that fits into a Dead Air Wolfman nests directly into the last baffle to really quiet everything down. It's not the all-wipe silencer we've seen with the Gemtech Aurora II and KAC Snap-On, but it's a temporary enhancement to the performance like the Dead Air Ghost-M.

We haven't gotten enough hands-on with one to make any hard judgements, but the RAD 45 out of a 9mm handgun shooting supers on an indoor range sounded about like everything else in that situation: too loud for comfort, but no ringing ears. We're looking forward to shaking them out with some head-to-head tests in the near future.
oss RAD9 on the range

MSRP of the Rad-9 will be $849 and $999 for the Rad-45. Each Rad-9 comes with a 1/2x28mm piston standard and the Rad-45 ships with a .578″x28 piston.

Other specifications include:


Lengths: 7.7″ / 5.15″
Weight: 9.1 oz / 5.9 oz.
Diameter: 1 .375″
MSRP: $849


Length: 8.6″ / 6.4″
Weight: 1 0.3 oz. / 7.6 oz.
Diameter: 1 .375″
MSRP: $999

You can visit OSS online here.

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